Summer Camps Make Kids Tough

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  • Summer Camps Make Kids Tough

    Fitting in, making friends, being independent and resilient are a few things that don't feature in bucket

    list of most growing kids. But for the parents, these typical adolescent worries can be darn frustrating.

    The good news is that with practice and plenty of gentle encouragement, you can get your timid little

    shy ones to open up to new things and make new friends. The cue is to get them truly outside of their

    comfort zones so that they can grow. Hence, a summer camp!

    Remember, kids don't need to be coddled all the time. At times, it's good to see them battle a challenge

    or two. Believe it or not, deep down, kids too yearn for someone to expect more out of them and to

    guide them towards achieving those expectations. They to feel the need to experience pangs of

    insecurity and experience the thrill of confidence when they realize they have what it takes.

    So parents, prod your kids to shut down the Xbox or television and spend some time in the woods this

    summer. Let them battle little discomforts as they meet their counselor and mingle with a bunch of

    campers for the first time. Let them find out how good they are at swimming, canoeing or leading a

    group. Most of all, let them find out who they are. Camp Navigator jots down a few summer camp

    experiences that will make your child tough inside-out.

  • Children need to secure attachments outside their homes too. Camp gives them the perfect milieu for

    that. A summer spent with peers and counselors helps them bond and learn. It's in the camps that the

    kids get over their primary inhibitions of meeting new people, learn to adapt to new situations and

    people, express themselves amid a group of unknowns, and lead and follow at the same time. Besides

    boosting confidence, it helps them connect with their own social self.

    Camp offers kids with something genuine to like about themselves. Put simply, it helps the child

    discover his hidden inner talents. Not just that. Camps also pitches in as the perfect platform to place

    those skills and talents in front of an audience and earn appreciation. That positive, powerful

    acknowledgments fortifies his core and makes him/her feel valued.

    Camps are the places where kids learn how to take stock of their lives. These experiences of self-

    efficacy metamorphoses them into competent, confident, young individuals.

    Camps induce a feeling of fairness in kids. It's here that kids learn to value themselves and most

    importantly, respect others and their accomplishments. Since most camps vouch for spirit of equity,

    every camper is treated and valued as a worthy individual a great booster.

    Canoeing down the waters or trekking down the wilds isn't just fun, but physically rewarding too.

    Camp enforces discipline and healthy lifestyle. Camps experiences exposes kids to a host of

    challenging but manageable physical games that not only forces them to flex their limb, but also forms

    as a healthy exercise. Also, performing any activity in group keeps them motivated.

  • The last and the best advantage of a camp is that it enforces a sense of belongingness in the minds of

    the little ones. All those goofy chants and team songs, the sense of common purpose, and the

    attachment to the identity that camps promote go a long way to offering children a sense of being

    rooted. This makes them feel secured and united from within and makes them a winner all the way.

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