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DESCRIPTION | A community for surfboard collectors and enthusiasts | vintage surfboards and pro quivers

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  • 1. SURFBOARDLINE.COM A community for Surfboard collectors and enthusiasts

2. U.S. Open of Surfing 2012 | Post Heat Interviews 3. COLLECTIONS Featured Collector | Rockin Fig Jamie O'Brien Steve Walden Catri Tom Carroll Surfline Hawaii Chris Ward Hap Jacobs Gordon and Smith DRB Bobby Martinez CJ Hobgood Sunny Garcia Fibrecraft Freddy P Tom Curren Steve Seebold Jeff Crawford Clyde Beatty SURF SYSTEMS 4. Buggs Boards 5. Behind the Scenes of the Dream Tour 6. Behind the Scenes of the Dream Tour 7. mViduD7qI& &feature=share&list=UU4yhb5dgQwby2Axjrwu0A kA 8. 9. player_embedded&v=B-344mQNdYo One of the most famous surf shops in the world is located at the north end of Newport Beach, CA right on Pacific Coast Highway. The Frog House is a surf shop in the purest sense of the word and has been operating at this location since 1963. A short walk across the street is the Beach and the 56th Street and River Jetties surf spots. The keeper of the keys to this retail surfing icon is an energetic man with a quick wit and a gentle soul, one, T K Brimer and has presided over the place for years. We still have some of the old surf shop edge going on, said Brimer from behind the big wood and glass counters. What you will find at the Frog House is real surfers selling real surf products in a way that you wont find at many other surf shops the world over. They know their surf, treat their customers with love, respect and fun, and offer up real value on the best products on the surf market today. If you cant get it at the Frog House you cant get it anywhere. 10. Visit us @ www.