Three Tips for Triathlon Training

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Three Tips for Triathlon Training

Tammy OlsonThree Tips for Triathlon Training

Introductionammy Olson serves as vice president of client services at Hixme, a California-based health insurance provider. When she finds time away from her professional responsibilities, Tammy Olson enjoys training for and competing in triathlons for fun and exercise.

Training for a triathlon can be an arduous task, even for accomplished triathletes. Keep these helpful tips in mind as you prepare for your next race.

1. Do not neglect intervals and drills in your running and cycling training. These exercises may not be the most fun, but they improve speed and stamina better than long, easy sessions. Practice the transition between cycling and running too, as preparing for brick workouts makes them easier on race day.

Triathlon Training2. Train for the race you are running. Become familiar with the course for your next triathlon. To the best of your ability, train in areas that match the conditions you anticipate. If the course is hilly, train on hills. If the ground will be soft, train on trails instead of roads.

3. Listen to your body. It is valuable to learn how to push through discomfort, but training hard while sick or injured can prolong an injury. It is often better to rest an injured joint and lose a day of training than it is to push the body too far and suffer a more serious injury.