Top 5 Fastest Fifty in World Cup Cricket

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Top 5 Fastest Fifty in World Cup Cricket</p> <p>1. Brendon McCullum (New Zealand)Brendon McCullum is the captain and Opener of New Zealand Team.McCullum has made the fastest fifty in just 18 balls against England in 9th match of ICC Cricket world cup 2015.It is the Fastest Fifty in world cup History.McCullum hitted 7 sixes and 8 fours.He has also made the record of Fastest Fifty in just 20 balls against Canada in the world cup 2007.</p> <p>2. Mark Boucher (South Africa)Boucher has played the role of Wicket Keeper batsman in South Africa team.He has made fastest fifty in just 21 balls against Netherlands in the world cup 2007.It includes 9 fours and 4 sixes against Netherlands. In the 2007 world cup, He has also hitted another fifty in just 22 balls against West Indies.It includes 2 fours and 5 sixes against West Indies.</p> <p>3. Brian Lara (West Indies)Brian Lara has been the captain of West Indies team.He is the Dangerous player in world cricket history.He has made fastest half century in just 23 balls against Canada in 2003 world cup.It includes 6 fours and 4 sixes.</p> <p>4. Jim Davison (Canada)He is the Canadian player.He has hitted Fastest fifty in just 23 balls against New Zealand in world cup 2007 with 9 fours and 1 sixes.he has also hitted fastest fifty in just 25 balls against New Zealand team In 2003 world cup with 9 fours and 4 sixes.Now Canada team is not participating in the ICC Cricket world cup 2015.</p> <p>5. Kieron Pollard (West Indies)Pollard has played all rounder cricketer in West Indies team. Now, He is not the part of ICC Cricket world cup 2015.He has scored 50 in just 23 balls against Canada in 2011 world cup with </p> <p>ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Score</p> <p>Sources:http://www.cricbuzz.comhttp://www.espncricinfo.com http://www.icc-cricket.com</p>


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