World Cup 2014

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  • World Cup 2014 A mens soccer competition between countries A international mens national soccer competition between teams that are a part of the organisation, F.I.F.A. (Federation International de Football Association)

Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) - Shakira Pay attention to this music video. What did you see? When and where did the first competition begin? 1930 and in Uruguay. How often does the World Cup happen? Every 4 years. Who won last time? Spain What year did it happen? 2014 4 = ???? Where was the last competition? South Africa How many teams compete? ? + ? = 32 teams How long does the competition last? 1 month How do the teams make it to the competition? For 3 years before the competition, the teams play each other to figure out who gets to be in the competition Which teams have won in the past? How many times? Have we won? Which team am I for? Brasil (5), Italy (4), West Germany (3), Argentina (2), Urguay (2), England (1), France (1), Spain (1) Who designed the World Cup trophy? Silvio Gazzaniga from Italy Whats it made of? Solid Gold How long does the winning team keep the trophy? Until the next competition What do each winning team members get? All team members of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place get a medal How are the teams ranked? Each team is ranked by points. For example, 3 pts. for a win, 1 pt. for a tie, 0 pts. for a loss Does the world cup have a mascot? Each world cup has had a mascot since 1966 Fuelco, the armadillo Who are the players to look for? Messi (Argentina), Ronaldo (Portugal), Neymar (Brazil), Iniesta (Spain), Dempsey (USA), Rooney (England), Robben (Netherlands), Balotelli (Italy), Ozil (Germany), Suarez (Uruguay) MT8u8beor4 Kindergarten boys and girls from Korea did the dance from Waka Waka. Can you do better? dyRc1IU