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Day 1

Day 1

Day one included meeting our instructors, the bus ride, and the rock climbing.

The bus ride

The bus ride there was alright. For about 4 hours sitting in the same seats isnt really the most exciting thing, however it was still fun just talking to friends.

Our Instructor

Our instructor was Brandon. He is from Cambodia and seemed really nice. We had some good conversations about sports etc.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing was one of the activities I was slightly afraid of, especially since I am not very good with heights. However, I tried it and it was at least a little fun. When I was climbing I felt great and like nothing was wrong, however as I looked down I noticed how high up I was. Therefore I simply asked the instructor to let me down. I thought I still did well, because I know I could have gone further but I simply didnt feel like it.

Day 2

Day two included biking and visiting the village.

Visiting the village

Visiting the village wasnt fun but it wasnt too bad either. I got some nice Oreos, a phone card and some nice shades. I said it definitely was a success, plus talking to my friends was pretty fun too.


Biking was for sure one of the most fun activities we did throughout the whole trip. Even though some people thought it was difficult I have to say that I didnt find it hard at all. However, the view was very beautiful and I really enjoyed the exercise I got out of it.

Day 3

Day three included caving, teaching Chinese students and going camping.

WWW Grade 9


Teaching the Chinese Students

Teaching the students was a big challenge for me. I really dont like little kids because they always go on my nerves. Therefore I really was not looking forward to this activity. What made it kind of easier for me was that I knew that we were all prepared and we knew what was going to happen. When it came to the actual teaching I believe we did a great job, we kept them occupied the whole time and I think they even learned something. Maybe even I did.


Caving was the best activity we did throughout the whole trip. For once we actually had some free time and got to hang with our friends. The fact that we won the challenge just made it even better. When the first clue was found I was cheered up and I wanted to win the challenge the instructors had given to us. I felt great coming out of the cave knowing that we were the first ones to make it, even though I would have liked to stay a little longer. Also do I think by planning a little I definitely helped out my group which I am quite proud. And I mean I even found a clue which made me feel very good and happy.


The camping was fun. We started off with a very simple design which seemed to be the one everyone was using. As we were working on putting on the mosquito net, I got quite frustrated and I believe so did my teammates. As Mrs. Lynch was watching us she suggested a different design. I was happy to hear her suggestion since it seemed as if we got stuck. Our goal was to have a unique tent. Even though it took us a while we did achieve that goal. While building it I had a lot of fun joking around with my team. And surprisingly I slept very well.

Day 4

Day four was finally the last day. We went up to the mansion and then took the bus back home.

Visiting the Pan Family House

The mansion wasinteresting. I thought this activity was one of the most boring and most useless activities. The time we used for visiting the mansion, should have been used for cleaning our rooms, taking a nice shower, packing our stuff, and to sleep longer. I dont think we got anything out of it, except maybe hectic right before we were about to go home.