10 Basic Tips To Design A More Usable Website

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Effective small business web design is very important to the success of any business operation. Your website can not only increase profits for your business, but it can retain existing customers and attract new ones. It is important to understand your business web design is a direct reflection of your business and your goal is to make the best possible first impression. Visitors come to a business website looking for information on which to make a decision. Content with substance will increase a visitors confidence in your business and your products. Even though the design of an effective business website should only be limited by the imagination of a professional web designer, it doesnt have to be complicated. Your website should focus on delivering quality content that people need and other businesses want to add to their linking profiles.


  • Basic Tips To Design A More Usable Website


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    Clearly defined goal for the site Website designs vary depending on the purpose Effective web design takes research and practice


    User experience must be a good one Easy to access Easy to read Easy to navigate Easy to understand Laid out with spacing and margins

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    Users want to control browser Users expect consistent data presentation Users like to use the Back button New windows popping up unexpectedly are annoying



    Keep it simple, not complex Navigation should be convenient Users should not have to click more than twice Navigation should be clear



    Simple color theme is easy on the eyes Color theme must connect with visitors Color theme must be relevant to sites purpose Content and navigation must be correctly contrasted Use no more than two primary colors A third secondary color can be used sparingly



    Text must accomodate viewing screen Use heading tags and Text must accomodate background color Text needs to be larger than 10px

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    Follow icons in the header or footer Visitors need to see your social networks Social media icons must match the style and feel of website Visitors will use social links if you ask them to



    Be as descriptive as possible Avoid images as links Do not use phrase like Click Here Avoid roll-overs for drop-down menus Use space | vertical bar | space to separate consecutive links


    Viewers scan text and menus for information Standardize presentation and navigation Locate more important information on left at top Make titles and sub-headings eye-catching Make sure visitors always know where they are Use section anchors on long pages (Back to Top)


    Users demand quality and credibility Content is more important than design Content must be honest and transparent Content must be original, relevant, and current

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