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  • 1. Ten Innovative Ways toUse Twitter For Business by Andra Picincu
  • 2. Ten Innovative Ways to Use Twitter For BusinessesIntroductionIncreasingly more companies use Twitter for business to domarket research, do brand advocacy and reputation managementand provide selected highlights from a conference orevent. Twitter allows them to expand their brand and thus generatenew opportunities.In this article, Mahendra shows you how you can integrate Twitterinto your Powerpoint presentation and receive instant feedback.Steven has written about using hashtags effectively. And also, youcan learn more about Twitter Lists to follow people more closely.But to be more innovative in the use of Twitter for a businesssetting, here are 10 useful tips. 2
  • 3. Ten Innovative Ways to Use Twitter For Businesses1. Expand Your NetworkUsing Twitter, you can join topic groups related to your businessand career and gain valuable information from scanning otherstweets. Your company will gain new customers and potentialpartners. Do a search for keywords related to your product onTwitter Search and then follow the users.Anyone can use Twitter to build a personal brand. Your customersand prospective clients will perceive you as an approachable socialpersonality. Twitter is designed to establish consistent and deeperrelationships for future benefits.2. Share Expertise To Build CredibilityIf you hold free workshops, seminars or web meetings; let peopleknow that its starting soon, how to participate and join in bytweeting about it. You can also link to your presentations andvideos. Twitter can help direct peoples attention to your events.Offer solutions to those who are struggling with something in yourfield of expertise. Share your ideas internally in a very efficientmanner and broadcast links and headlines that can drive traffic toyour website.3. Highlight Whats Special 3
  • 4. Ten Innovative Ways to Use Twitter For BusinessesTwitter allows you to share the latest news and events related toyour business in 140 characters. Set up a Twitter feed for thespecific purpose of notifying customers when new products come in.You can use this free platform to inform event participants andhighlight whats special. Sharing valuable information and usefultips helps you build a strong web presence and gain visibility on theInternet.4. Look For Leads On TwitterTwitter can be used to direct traffic to your websites. You can shareinformation that is useful for prospective clients or employers toenhance your reputation. Avoid hard-sell tactics: focus on buildingrelationships. Dont be afraid to take full advantage of Twitterand gather information about what customers, competitors andothers are saying about your business.Dont think of what you can get, but rather what you can learn andwhat you can offer. Use free applications like Mr. Tweet to checkyour profile and finds relevant connections for you.5. Communicate With EmployeesTwitter is a great collaboration tool, which can be successfully usedto save time and money. Forget about sending endless emails andcalls you can rather release short tweets to your team membersdescribing what you have to say. Share what youre doing so peoplelearn about the type of work you do.6. Run Special Deals & PromotionsOffer incentives to those who follow you on Twitter. You can givethem free coupons, discounts, package deals and samples. Twitteris a great way to create interest and secure attendees. 4
  • 5. Ten Innovative Ways to Use Twitter For BusinessesSocial networking is excellent for those who want to promoteproducts, services and ideas directly to a target audience. Twittermarketing is a task that involves two-way audience engagement.7. Receive Customer ComplaintsBy accepting customer complaints in the open, other consumers cansee what kind of company you really are. Twitter allows you torespond quickly to shut down any impending service or complaintreceived. Communicate effectively with each of your clients and askfor their honest opinion. Make your goals public to compel you toreach them.8. Interact With Your CompetitionYou can read the tweets of your competitors daily and stay in touchwith them. Although this rarely happens in the real world, Twitterhas changed it all. This free platform allows you to followcompanies, experts, leaders and competitors in your industry. Itsnot enough to monitor the latest projects released by yourcompetitors. Tracking their mistakes is even more useful, becauseyou can analyze their moves and see what exactly went wrong.9. Organize A Local Tweetup 5
  • 6. Ten Innovative Ways to Use Twitter For BusinessesTwitter can help you organize meetups. All you have to do is tosend a message announcing the time and place of the meeting. Itsan informal and effective way of planning a meeting. You can get intouch with vendors, suppliers and other people with whom you canform partnerships.10. Create Brand LoyaltyWith Twitter, you can always stay in touch with your followers. Allthese people are potential customers, so you must help them getused to your products and services. Participate actively toconversations and tweet constantly. This way, increasingly morepeople will find out about your business, while you will gain loyalclients.Using Twitter for business, you can convert conversations intoactions. A fresh and interesting personality attracts followers. Shareinformation that is helpful for potential customers or employers togain recognition.These tips were originally published as an article on MakeUseOf.com 6
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