10 Ways to Get More from Your Pardot Solution

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<ol><li> 1. 10 Ways To Get More From Your Pardot Solution #ET13B2BTJ Gephart Chris Heiden </li><li> 2. Who Are These Guys?TJ Gephart (@tjgephart)Chris Heiden (@chris_heiden)Manager, Client ServicesChannel Manager &amp; Sales EngineerPardashian since July 2008Pardashian since February 2009#ET13B2B </li><li> 3. Introductions 1. Name 2. Company 3. Role 4. Wildcard! Share something random.#ET13B2B </li><li> 4. POLL How Long Have You Been Using Pardot?#ET13B2B </li><li> 5. Results How Long Have You Been Using Pardot?#ET13B2B </li><li> 6. POLL How comfortable do you feel with Pardot?#ET13B2B </li><li> 7. POLL How comfortable do you feel with Pardot?#ET13B2B </li><li> 8. 10 Ways To Get More From Your Pardot Solution#1: Forms </li><li> 9. What Will Be Discussed - Forms Label Placement/Style Statistics Progressive Profiling Dependent Fields#ET13B2B </li><li> 10. Label Placement/Style StatsLeft-AlignedStackedRight-Aligned #ET13B2B </li><li> 11. Label Position/Alignment Conclusion Ideally, label position above the input field If label position is needed left of input field, make right aligned Right aligned is over 50% quicker than left alignedSource: http://www.uxmatters.com/mt/archives/2006/07/label-placement-in-forms.php#ET13B2B </li><li> 12. What Not To Do 1. Way too many fields! 2. Break down forms into three to four passes at the form to gather information 3. Bonus: Whats your favorite field on this form? #ET13B2B </li><li> 13. Thoughts on FormsThere is a 5% decrease in completion for every field over 4 fields you have on a form Track behavior, not their ability to fill out a long form#ET13B2B </li><li> 14. Dependent Fields#ET13B2B </li><li> 15. Dependent FieldsTo setup, edit the initial field that needs to be completed Ex: If country is US or Canada, ask for State/Province Edit Country field to set up dependency No Nesting Cant make a field dependent upon another dependent field#ET13B2B </li><li> 16. 10 Ways To Get More From Your Pardot Solution#2: Emails </li><li> 17. What Will Be Discussed - Emails Enhanced Email Editor Test Lists Transactional Emails Moving over to ExactTargets mail servers Advanced Email Testing and Reports#ET13B2B </li><li> 18. Enhanced Email Editor Now for new customers, real soon for existing New Templates are responsive! Emails will look great on computer, tablet, and phone Edit Graphical, HTML, Text, and Preview in one area History! Retrieve old edits when mistake is made Live edits in preview #ET13B2B </li><li> 19. Enhanced Email Editor </li><li> 20. Enhanced Email Editor </li><li> 21. Send to Test List Ability to send to internal list Add existing users to test list as prospects by going to Admin &gt; Users &amp; Groups All variable tags and links will work as a live email. No need to waste email quota on old test emails Make sure you have a default mail merge set!#ET13B2B </li><li> 22. Send to Test List#ET13B2B </li><li> 23. Transactional Emails Coming real soon Send emails to all customers No matter if opted out No unsubscribe will be required Not used for marketing emails. Customer announcement for service outages, downtime, etc.#ET13B2B </li><li> 24. Transactional Emails#ET13B2B </li><li> 25. Moving to ET Email Servers Now for new clients, others soon Pardots internal MTA is great, ExactTargets is AWESOME! ET sends millions of emails a day for Gap, Microsoft, Nike, etc More information on this soon #ET13B2B </li><li> 26. Advanced Email Testing &amp; Reporting Not included in all packages Contact advocate for upgrade information See how emails look in all major email clients, tablets, and phones. Spam and subject line previews. Want to know how many times your email was: Forwarded/ Printed Skimmed, Glanced, Read Opened in which clients #ET13B2B </li><li> 27. Advanced Email Testing &amp; Reporting#ET13B2B </li><li> 28. Advanced Email Testing &amp; Reporting#ET13B2B </li><li> 29. Advanced Email Testing &amp; Reporting#ET13B2B </li><li> 30. 10 Ways To Get More From Your Pardot Solution#3: Lead Qualification </li><li> 31. What Will Be Discussed Lead Qualification Scoring Grading Special Activities#ET13B2B </li><li> 32. Score or Grade Which is Better?#ET13B2B </li><li> 33. Which Prospect Would You Prefer? Prospect A Score: 173Score: 57Grade: F#ET13B2BProspect BGrade: A- </li><li> 34. Difference Between Scoring and Grading ScoringGradingImplicit InformationExplicit Information pages viewed, forms completed, etc. industry, company size, job title, location, etc."Out of the BoxSetup is requiredSetup Via Scoring RulesSetup Via Profiles#ET13B2B </li><li> 35. Scoring Quick numeric value of activity and engagement with you Benefits and main usage seeing and measuring activity and engagement general quality of lead tool to organize follow up specific trigger for assignment#ET13B2B </li><li> 36. Getting Started with Scoring Start with default Baseline Scoring Admin &gt; Automation Settings &gt; Scoring Rules Automatically set up out of the box Focus on tracking activities first and then evaluate scoring model results to see if it works!#ET13B2B </li><li> 37. Customizing Scoring 1) Baseline Scoring Rules 2) Automation Rules#ET13B2B </li><li> 38. Customizing Scoring 3) Completion Actions#ET13B2B </li><li> 39. Customizing Scoring 4) Imports 5) Manually#ET13B2B </li><li> 40. Scoring Audits#ET13B2B </li><li> 41. Advanced Scoring Topics 1) Lead Decay2) Reset to Zero#ET13B2B </li><li> 42. Why Should I use Grading? Quickly identify truly qualified leads Validates the marketing team's efforts#ET13B2B </li><li> 43. Possible Grades A+ A AB+ B BC+ C CD+ D DF(Best) (Better) (Good)(Below Average / Not Graded) (Bad)#ET13B2B </li><li> 44. Preparing Grading Setup Meet with all stakeholders to outline the ideal prospect. 1) What criteria does your organization look at? Company Size, Location, Industry, Job Title, etc... 2) What is the weight of each criteria? Criteria weighed equally or different? 1/3 grade increments (1/3, 2/3, 1 grade) 3) What values do you look for in those criteria? Location: United States, Canada, etc... Job Title: C-Level, VPs #ET13B2B </li><li> 45. Advanced Grading Topics Have one value increase grade by more than 1 letter: A) Double Profile Criteria B) Automation Rule#ET13B2B </li><li> 46. Lead Assignment Sliding Scale Higher the grade the lower the score needed The lower the grade the higher the score needed Disregard Fs 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 #ET13B2BABCD </li><li> 47. 10 Ways To Get More From Your Pardot Solution#4: Nurture Strategy </li><li> 48. What Will Be Discussed Nurture Strategy Types of Leads Types of drips for these leads Lead Nurturing Lab#ET13B2B </li><li> 49. Types of Leads There are three main lead types that you should classify your leads as: New Leads Existing Leads Warm to Sales Ready Leads#ET13B2B </li><li> 50. Types of Leads New Leads Leads that have never heard of your company or organization before: Obtained from a tradeshow Other authorized (non-purchased way) Dont just try to sell the product from the start Use a 1 2 3 Drip Campaigns#ET13B2B </li><li> 51. Types of Leads New Leads 1-2-3 Drips Stage 1: Unidentified need They dont even know that they need the solution/benefit Dont mention your company name, keep information to more industry information Stage 2: Identified need, but not ready to buy Not ready to solve their pain point yet They are now starting to be interested, introduce your company and product at this time Stage 3: Starting to evaluate Know the pain point and ready to solve it Hit hard about your company and why you are the best option for the prospect. Pass onto sales. #ET13B2B </li><li> 52. Types of Leads New Leads 1-2-3 Drip Carrots Example for Stage One: Subject: Here is an article that I thought you might like CTA: Link to the article Carrot: Here is a link to a whitepaper as well Example for Stage Two: Subject: Here is a datasheet on Marketing Automation CTA: Link to datasheet Carrot: Watch a demo on Pardot Stage Three does not need a carrot. If they click on CTA Get in sales hands! #ET13B2B </li><li> 53. Types of Leads Existing Leads It is expensive to obtain new leads, use your existing database A minimal percentage of your database are customers No need to introduce the industry as these are existing leads, they have been introduced Mix stage two and three emails #ET13B2B </li><li> 54. Types of Leads Existing Leads Lost Opps Stay top of mind of any lost deals Send loving emails to prospects, checking in on them and their current solution Dont mention switching to your offering Ask if they have any questions on industry practices and thoughts Mention that you are there to help if needed Towards end of contract term, turn emails into more sales focused #ET13B2B </li><li> 55. Types of Leads Warm to Sales Ready Shown interest but not sales ready leads Downloaded a Whitepaper or Datasheet Attended a Webinar Watched a Video Not actions saying they want product today or demo Send all stage three emails to drive them to a demo Use scoring to push them to sales ready (100) and assign out! #ET13B2B </li><li> 56. Interactive Nurturing Lab Pardot has a great resource to help set up your first drip programs and examples pardot.com/ nurturing-lab#ET13B2B </li><li> 57. 10 Ways To Get More From Your Pardot Solution#5: CRM Integration </li><li> 58. POLL What CRM do you use?#ET13B2B </li><li> 59. POLL What CRM do you use?#ET13B2B </li><li> 60. What Will Be Discussed CRM Integration PD Fields Activities Add To List Lead Deck Completion Actions Send Pardot Email#ET13B2B </li><li> 61. CRM Layouts TIP: Ensure you have latest version installed A) Prospect Fields (Score, Grade, URL, etc) B) Prospect Activities#ET13B2B </li><li> 62. CRM Layouts C) CRM listsD) Social Data#ET13B2B </li><li> 63. LeadDeck in CRM (SFDC/SugarCRM)#ET13B2B </li><li> 64. Completion Actions Add to salesforce.com Campaign Assign via salesforce.com assignment rule Create salesforce.com task (next page)#ET13B2B </li><li> 65. Completion Actions#ET13B2B </li><li> 66. Send salesforce.com Email Send One-To-One emails from salesforce.com Tracks opens and clicks Ability to use marketing emails directly in CRM Select on template emails available to be used in CRM#ET13B2B </li><li> 67. Send salesforce.com Email#ET13B2B </li><li> 68. Latest SFDC AppExchange Package Updates Just Released: Pardot Conversion Name Pardot Conversion Date Pardot Conversion Type Coming Soon: Pardot Hard Bounce Date Pardot Hard Bounce Reason Pardot Hard Bounce Email Type Pardot Hard Bounce Email Subject #ET13B2B </li><li> 69. 10 Ways To Get More From Your Pardot Solution#6: Be Dynamic! </li><li> 70. What Will Be Discussed Be Dynamic! Dynamic List Dynamic Content Emails Website#ET13B2B </li><li> 71. Dynamic List Overview You can create a list of prospects that is tailored to specific criteria Create the new list, select the criteria and if a prospect matches that criteria then they are added to the dynamic list If for some reason they no longer match the criteria, they will be removed from the list#ET13B2B </li><li> 72. Dynamic List Overview#ET13B2B </li><li> 73. Dynamic List vs. Static Lists You cannot manually add or remove prospects to dynamic lists Because of this, you will not see dynamic lists as an option in dropdowns in the import screen, data tables or anywhere else throughout Pardot where you manually control list membership You also will not see dynamic lists in the CRM list management view dropdown Note: Existing static lists cannot be converted into dynamic lists #ET13B2B </li><li> 74. Dynamic List Usage Notes Dynamic lists can be made into a public list and displayed on your Email Preference Center where prospects can optout of the list if they choose Only prospects who meet the dynamic list criteria will be able to see public dynamic lists on Email Preference Pages If you split a dynamic list, the resulting lists will be static. This means that a prospect will not automatically be added to the split lists (via the dynamic rule criteria) once the split has occurred These new static lists will now exist in addition to the original dynamic list that was split#ET13B2B </li><li> 75. Dynamic Content for form and emails You can display certain HTML content on your website or Pardot forms, landing pages, layout templates and emails based on a prospects score, grade, or field value for default fields or custom fields Have specialized call outs that tailor to a product interest or attribute Available for Enterprise and Ultimate editions#ET13B2B </li><li> 76. Dynamic Content for form and emails Set up in Content &gt;&gt; Dynamic Content#ET13B2B </li><li> 77. Dynamic Content for Website Callouts Click on Embed Code to be given javascript to place on own website or Landing page Test by clicking on testing tools once placed to see how a prospect would see the content#ET13B2B </li><li> 78. Dynamic Content for Email Click on lightning bolt in WYSIWYG to access dynamic content module to select block#ET13B2B </li><li> 79. 10 Ways To Get More From Your Pardot Solution#7: Import Validation </li><li> 80. What Will Be Discussed Import Validation! Import Validation Import Errors#ET13B2B </li><li> 81. Why Should You Validate? Validating your values on import ensures that your data is as clean and uniform as possible Uniform values help keep your data consistent when syncing with your CRM Removing variations in your field values make it easy to implement rules around your values#ET13B2B </li><li> 82. Setting Up Validation Set up in the Admin &gt;&gt; Prospect Fields section of Pardot Check box Validate this field on import#ET13B2B </li><li> 83. Import Error Types#ET13B2B </li><li> 84. What to do with errors? Pardot will give you an error reports for all imports Export the CSV with the errors Fix the errors and reimport to adhere to validation#ET13B2B </li><li> 85. 10 Ways To Get More From Your Pardot Solution#8: Reporting </li><li> 86. What Will Be Discussed Reporting Lifecycle Reporting GoodData#ET13B2B </li><li> 87. Lifecycle Reporting The Prospect Lifecycle report combines your marketing and sales reports in one place to give you a high-level view of your sales cycles health By reviewing the report you will have an idea of how well your marketing and sales organizations are working together, as well as see areas for improvement Can be filtered by date to show time period you need to report on#ET13B2B </li><li> 88. Lifecycle Reporting#ET13B2B </li><li> 89. GoodData Reporting Can be set up in Admin &gt;&gt; Connectors. Not turned on automatically for accounts (privacy reasons) SSO available in application GoodData is a Business Intelligence tool that allows syncing of data from the account to the corresponding GoodData account This connector allows for the creation of reports to be placed on the dashboard or emailed automatically#ET13B2B </li><li> 90. GoodData ReportingDemo!#ET13B2B </li><li> 91. 10 Ways To Get More From Your Pardot Solution#9: Connectors </li><li> 92. What Will Be Discussed ConnectorsItems included as a part of the connector module: #ET13B2Bbit.ly Connector EventBrite FullContact GoodData Google AdWords Google Analytics Data.com Olark Chat Social Posting Twilio UserVoice Webinars Wistia </li><li> 93. bit.ly Connector bit.ly offers URL redirection service with real-time link tracking The bit.ly connector is available for Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate Edition accounts A bit.ly short link will automatically be created...</li></ol>