2012 International CES Trend Guide & Report

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Ipsos-IOTX Austin Futures Group and UPSTREAM Design Innovation teams take a look at this years 2012 International CES pre-show, with trend observations, technology examples and recommended panels and exhibits.


  • 1. 2012 ConsumerElectronics Show Trend GuideIMPLICATIONS FOR MARKETERS, TECHNOLOGISTS& RESEARCHERSAn Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange Report January 6th, 2012

2. Ipsos is a global market research company and anindependent company ranking fifth among globalresearch companies.Ipsos is committed to working with clients to identifythe right solutions to their specific challenges.We specialize in six areas of research: advertisingresearch; marketing research; media, content andtechnology research; loyalty, quality and customerrelationship management research; opinion polls andsocial research; and survey management, datacollection and delivery. Our industry specializationmodel means we have an intimate understanding ofyour brands, your consumers and your marketplace.The Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange is the innovationand technology hub of a global research network.Based in LA, Austin, New York, London and locationsworldwide, The Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange takes amulti-disciplinary approach to business issues. Teamsof researchers, strategists, technical engineers anddesign architects work hand in hand with our clientsand their customers. We immerse you in yourcustomers world and keep them engaged in yours.Upstream is a brand and innovation consultancy thatempowers leaders to innovate more effectively and forbusinesses to reach new targets, achieving sustainedgrowth. By providing innovation frameworks,actionable insight, structured co-creation and a designcentered point-of-view we bridge the gaps of technol-ogy, product design and marketing to spark innovation.Our DNA emanates from the worlds of executivemanagement, technology design, brand strategy,marketing and research with special skill sets acrosssectors. We specialize in the application of world-classexpertise to solve diverse real-world businessproblems, ranging from the design of brands andbusiness strategies to the design of products,services and digital systems. Were solutionagnostic. We understand that business outcomes arebest achieved through holistic solutions that serve andsolve problems of consumers.Upstream exists to help business leaders manage aincreasingly disrupted marketplace, design newinnovations and bring functional teams together toexecute most efficiently across their brand ecosystem.We collaborate exclusively with organizations thatdemonstrate; a need to grow, consistent investmenttoward innovation with an internal executive championfor change. 3. AUTHORSAUTHORSAndy HunterAndy HunterAndys experience spans the marketing and communication spaces working for the worldsleading fortune 500 spans the marketing communication space working for the worldsAndys experience brands. He focuses on brand innovation, emerging technologies andintegrated systems design. He is the former founder of GSDMs connections planning andleading fortune 500 brands. He focuses on digital innovation, web marketing and integrateddigital strategy practices and former lead engagment strategist for clients including BMW,communication strategy. He is the former founder of GSDMs connections planning andWalmart, American Express, PWC Consulting and Sears.digital strategy practices.He also serves as an advisor to several new media and technology startups concentrated inHe also serves as an advisor to several new media and technology startups concentratedin the online video, social networking and integrated communications space. He is a pastthe online video, social networking and integrated communications space. He is a pastspeaker-moderator at events including MITs Future of Entertainment, SXSW InteractiveAdvidory Board and at events including MITs Future of Entertainment,SXSW Interactive andspeaker-moderator Digital America with ongoing contributor-collaborator status withinPSFK.coms Thewith ongoing contributor-collaborator status within PSFK.coms The PurpleDigital America Purple List.List, the Society of Word of Mouth and the Plannersphere.Jeff MulhausenFor over 12 years, Jeff has built a reputation as a leader in the design and innovation in-dustry. He was again selected as a judge for the 2012 CES Innovations Awards where heevaluated entries in computer hardware, gaming and mobile apps. He is the former ViceChair of Central Texas Chapter of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). He islisted on over 10 patents, and his work has been widely recognized. Jeff has been awardedmore than 15 national and international design awards including IDEA/BusinessWeek, IDMagazine, Consumer Electronics Show, RedDotAward (Germany), and a Good DesignAward (Japan). Jeff has worked with leaders on projects ranging from portable electronicsto childrens games with clients such as Igloo, Microsoft, Dell, PetSafe, Coleman, Hasbro,Wyse, Polycom and AMD. He lectures on design and innovation at the Universityof Texas business school. Jeffs work has been exhibited at the Austin Museum ofArt, and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York City. lbuUpstream exists to help business leaders manage aJerry CourtneyJerry CourtneyJerrys approach to digital is based in a simple three part mantra - understand why peopledo what they do, figure out how to help them do it and learn how to help them better nexttime. This consumer-centric approach has served him well in his 15 years of experience inconnecting business, technology and marketing strategies. Jerry was a pioneer at the endof the last millenium, building one of the largest digital media practices in advertising. Hehas guided frequent first-to-market work across all digital platforms for clients such as:AT&T, BMW, Walmart and Southwest Airlines. Moving into the marketers seat, he has leadholistic touchpoint strategy at Target Corporation, synthesizing everything from databasemarketing to national television for the brand, as well as playing an integral part in monetiz-ing the companys media assets and assessing the efficacy of the corporate media mix.Paul Noble-CampbellPaulPaul Noble-Campbell is an Industrial Designer, who creates opportunities through designPaul Noble-Campbell is an Industrial Designer, who creates opportunities through designthat makes organizations, people and society thrive. He creates rich brand experiencesby blending organizations, people and society thrive. He creates rich brand experiences bythat makes a human-centric approach with his diverse experiences. Pauls collaborativeleadershipahas guided multi-national clients through hundreds of initiatives resulting in theblendinghuman-centric approach with his diverse experiences. Pauls collaborativedesign of products spanning a diverseclients of industries such as consumer electronics, theleadership has guided multi-national range through hundreds of initiatives resulting inhealthcare,products spanning a diverse range of industries such as equipment,electronics,design of house wares, furniture, sports equipment, toys, industrial consumer and con-sumer products. Pauls international experience was gained at design consultancies in Aus-healthcare, house wares, furniture, sports equipment, toys, industrial equipment, andtralia (at Form Australia), Hong Kong (at Zoo Design)and in the USA (at Astro Studios andconsumer products. Pauls international experience was gained at design consultancies inasDirector of Design Strategy at M3 Design).Pauls work is permanently exhibited at theCooper-Hewitt Design Museum andKong (at Zoo Design) for accruing numerous patentsAustralia (at Form Australia), Hong has been responsible and in the USA (at Astro Studiosfor his clients.He presented at the at M3 Design). Pauls work isDesign conference in 2011.and as Director of Design Strategy inaugural Human Centered permanently exhibited at theCooper-Hewitt Design Museum and has been responsible for accruing numerous patents forhis clients. He presented at the inaugural Human Centered Design conference in 2011.. 4. ABOUT CES:Established over 40 years ago, the yearly Consumer Electronics Show brings together consumer technology brands and product manufacturers together toshowcase next generation innovations to the world. Television, computer, gaming & entertainment, mobile phone, automotive, home automation, personalelectronics and product accessories converge across miles of convention space in an overwhelming and exhilarating display of whats now and whats next.Prominent brands including Ford, Disney, Intel, Dell, Microsoft, Google, Motorola, Sony, Nintendo, Electronic Arts participate with over 48,000 Exhibitors andmore than 140,000 attendees from 140 countries. The International CES is owned and produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the preemi-nent trade association promoting growth in the $186 billion U.S. consumer technology industry. CEA represents more than 2,000 corporate members involvedin the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and integration of consumer electronics products. All profits from CES are reinvested into industryservices, including technical training and education, industry promotion, engineering standards development, market research and legislative advocacy.2012 DISRUPTORS:The International CES 2012, as it does every year, will present an enormous array of gadgets, technology innovations and a feeding frenzy of consumer elec-tronics commerce.But looking above the fray of the convention floors, we expect several disruptors to shape the macro trends of the coming years. Major technology and con-sumer behavior shifts are emerging that are changing the business of consumer electronics, media and entertainment and digital-online media. As social andmobile adoption mainstreams for consumers and marketers, new platforms, technology and media will emerge shaped by these fundamental disruptors: APPIFICATION:UNIVERSAL ACCESSIBILITY: The term "product" is evolving as mobile, online and Technology, media and entertainment companies are tablet applications open up a new markets forfinally unlocking content portability for entrepreneurs, brands and businesses to create new consumers, so ownership and access of media can services, utility and enhancements to existing happen anywhere on any device in many forms. Once products.thought to be a barrier to success for the mediaindustry, open and integrated content platforms areleading to smarter strategies to own media ecosys-tems with content, devices, online media and valuabledata assets to monetize. Technology devices will alsobecome more accessible, with low cost of entry oftablets, ultrabooks and feature rich mobile devices formiddle and low income consumers. POST-SOCIAL WORLD: GAMIFIED VALUE: Social media and social networks, having reached Privacy concerns abound in a world where so much mainstream, become less of a point of focus andbehavior happens in the digital space and new integrate into consumer and marketer toolbox. Newpredictive and analytic technologies can understand space races will emerge from combined social, mobile,personal behavior in new ways. However, as laws and local and digital enabled products that are accessed standards come into place for data privacy and trust- in new ways via tablets, ubiquitous smartphones anded data centric brands emerge, some of these fears portable ultrabooks. will erode. As part of this, people will increasingly bewilling to give up even more personal information tobrands and online services for the return of rewards,social currency and gamified value. UBIQUITOUS CONTENT & DATA: CLOUD TECHNOLOGY & MOBILE: Data is everywhere and content can be accessed inThe coming years will see a major shift of how multiple forms. This overwhelming choice and technology and data is stored and accessed. Where abundance of invisible data collection is presenting processing power and media storage once was opportunities and obstacles for people and brands to primarily housed on local hard-drives and servers, filter thrugh clutter to get better information, moremost of this data will shift to wirelessly accessed product and service relevance, and new socialnetworks that store content and data invisibly, connections while retaining trust in providors and a automatically in large, enterprise driven server farms promise of privacy.of Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook.Over time, these server farms may translate to insightmines that store valuable, anonymous data the indi-viduals, marketers and institutions will want tounderstand and access. 5. Personal biometrics QUANTIFIED SELF &M-HEALTHand digital enabled Financial professions, digital marketers and healthcare enterprises may havebehavior analysisbeen the first to actively track and analyze behavioral-lifestyle data. However,as self tracking digital technologies, online data aggregators, augmentedapparel enable advanced user analytics for individuals, that act of active datacollection and persoinal metrics will become the next big thing.will increasingly The first sectors to apply novel apps and devices for discreetly managing lifeand health more productively are already catching fire with self analysis toolslet consumerslike Fitbit and JawboneUP. Research company Technavio predicts that theglobal mobile health applications market will reach USD 4.1 billion by 2014, upfrom USD 1.7 billion in 2010.discreetly track andYoull see solutions for diagnosing, monitoring and treating a variety ofillnesses - from obesity to asthma, from poor vision or hearing to high bloodpressure. Seemingly disparate data points like work activity, commuter data,manage their livesfinancial transations and calendar data will be compared to understand effectson health and achieve new understanding of ones self. This data tracking willcreate new benefits individuals. It will also intensify the privacy concerns andmore effectively.scrutiny of cloud services that support the system of personal data storage.Need further proof? Apples App Store currently offers 9,000 mobile healthapps (1,500 cardio apps, 1,300 diet apps, 1,000 stress and relaxation apps,and 650 womens health apps). By mid-2012, this number is expected reach13,000 (Source: MobiHealthNews, September 2011).Collecting, sharing, tracking and optimization of oneself is a major trend forUPSTREAM & IPSOS IOTX -TREND REPORT: 2012 CES PRE-SHOW GUIDE2012. Look for this trend to extend into other sectors throughout the year. WITHINGS FORD MOTORS Booth: Booths: North - 3521 GL-4, www.withings.com North - 2230www.ford.comWithings Blood Pressure Monitor plugs into an iPad, iPhone or iPodOctober 2011 saw US automotive company Ford demonstrate threeTouch and takes the users blood pressure. Data can be sent directly to aapps offering in-car health monitoring. The sample apps use Fordsdoctor or published (confidentially) on the Web. SYNC Applink software to enable drivers to access certain mobile health apps while driving to keep track of chronic conditions such as diabetes,Also look for their Wi-Fi enabled scales which can measure both weight asthma and hay fever.and fat mass and upload the dat...