2013 Web Content Management (Web CMS) Logo Landscape

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2013 Web Content Management (Web CMS) market overview featuring market tiers and categories.


<ul><li> 1. Real Story Group 2013Web Content Management Marketplace Upper-RangeMid-RangeMid-Range SimplerPlatforms Platforms/Products ProductsPlatformsLegacy PlatformsProductsCopyright 2013 Real Story Group www.realstorygroup.com</li></ul> <p> 2. Web Content &amp; Experience ManagementResearchReal Story Groups Web Content &amp; ExperienceManagement (Web CMS) research critically evaluatesthe strengths and weaknesses of 37 Web Content &amp;Experience Management options. Learn the real weaknesses of the leading tools Avoid common pitfalls &amp; negotiate a good price Become your in-house expert on all major WebContent &amp; Experience Management vendors Download the reviews in minutes -- get the rightshortlist in hourswww.realstorygroup.com/Research/CMS/Copyright 2013 Real Story Groupwww.realstorygroup.com 3. RSG Research Areas:Web and Content TechnologiesWe are a buyers advocatefor enterprises looking toinvest in contenttechnologies.We provide in-depthresearch analyzingweaknesses and strengthsof technologyand vendors.Copyright 2013 Real Story Group www.realstorygroup.com 4. Why thousands of enterprises worldwide have cometo rely on our research &amp; services Our business purpose: Were passionately vendor-independent and skeptical of marketing hype (thus our name) and work on behalf of technology users/buyers We save our clients time, effort and money and reduce risk Were cost-effective Why were different: Depth over breadth unparalleled depth of content and expertise in the technologies we cover Evaluations based on real-life experiences and real-time feedback from user community not on what vendors tell us RSG analysts are all former practitioners and are full-time employees of RSG 12+ year successful track record well respected in the marketCopyright 2013 Real Story Groupwww.realstorygroup.com 5. What Independence Means To UsCopyright 2013 Real Story Group www.realstorygroup.com 6. 2013 Vendor MapCopyright 2013 Real Story Group www.realstorygroup.com 7. Contact RSGTechnology research, vendor evaluations, strategic advisory &amp; consulting services.Get a free vendor evaluation from our research:http://realstorygroup.com/Sample/Learn about our Premium Subscription options:http://www.realstorygroup.com/Subscribe/Learn about our strategic advisory &amp; consulting services:http://www.realstorygroup.com/What-We-Offer/Consulting/Contact us:info@realstorygroup.com | @realstorygroup.comCopyright 2013 Real Story Group www.realstorygroup.com</p>