2014 Web Content & Experience Management (Web CMS) Logo Landscape [slides]

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2014 Web Content & Experience Management Logo Landscape shows how the 36 Web Content and Experience Management vendors we evaluate in the Web Content & Experience Management Report fall into the following 5 groupings: - Upper Range Platforms - Legacy Platforms - Mid-Range Platforms - Mid-Range Products - Simpler Products Of course, these categories are merely a starting point for buyers looking to build a shortlist. Indeed, any two-dimensional graphic like this has limitations. In this case we focus on complexity/richness/cost as the key factor on the X axis, but other considerations like geography, license model, delivery model, situational usability, technology base, and architectural approach should also factor into your decision making. So we recommend that you identify a variety of criteria -- like we specify in our Custom Short-List Builder (http://www.realstorygroup.com/ShortlistBuilder/) -- to get you to to a good starting point to conduct further diligence and testing before you ultimately make a buying decision. If we can help you here, please let us know.


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