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5 Useful Photography Tips

5 useful photography tips

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  1. 1. Photography is an art that can be mastered with practice, making mistakes and learning from them. In fact, this stands true for almost all forms of art
  2. 2. Your subject should be placed at the right position and angle while you press the shutter button. For ensuring that the subject(s) look good in your photograph you can take a trial shot and see the effect in your camera screen
  3. 3. Flash is attached just above the lens. This kind of lighting arrangement is not conducive for getting a good photograph. Therefore, remove the flash and use another Studio Lighting Kits for Beginners for the purpose. Place the light away from the camera. This will help in creating shadow of the feature of the subject. Thus, adding a dimension to it
  4. 4. Diffused light helps in creating a uniform and soft illumination on the face of the subject. So use a diffusion panel with your studio lighting equipment
  5. 5. A good portrait can be ruined if your camera is not still. This results in a blurred image. So use a stand to reduce any such fault from the image.