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  • 1.My 5 Step CrazyEasy System ToIncrease Blog TrafficAndy NathanChicago WordCamp 2012

2. Three Guiding Principles Passion Education Continuity 3. My Name Is Andy Nathan 4. Certifiable Blogger Since 2010 5. Since I Started Blogging 777 Blog Posts 3500 comments 152,409 unique visitors tomy blog since my first blogpost January 21st, 2010. 6. HOW IT WORKS? 7. 1. Learn From Your Mistakes Poor Design SEO RSS Feed http://andynathan.net/2011/04/social-networking-blog-duh-list-10-times-over/ 8. 2. Consistency 2010 Challenge: Blogging 5x A WeekFor A Year http://andynathan.net/2011/08/you-have-to-be-stubborn-enough-to-never-quit/ 9. 3. Three Step Plan To StartBlogging 10. --- Why BlogBenefits of Blogging Why do you want to How will blogging helpstart blogging?you readers, Who do you want to subscribers, friends,read your blog?clients, and you? Content Is King Can you sit down and brainstorm 100blog titles for your new blog? 11. 4. Be Interesting/Be Yourselfhttp://andynathan.net/2012/07/social-networking-minute-creating-a-http://andynathan.net/2011/04/disqus- toondoo/vs-intense-debate-vs-recaptcha-vs-wordpress-comment-system-die/ 12. 5. Tribes/Leverage 13. My 5 Step Crazy Easy SystemTo Increase Blog TrafficSummary1. Learn from your mistakes2. Consistency3. Plan4. Be Interesting/Be Yourself5. Tribes/Leverage 14. Questions? 15. Contact UsBlog: http://AndyNathan.netSkype ID: andrewmarcnathan Challenges or Questions Call Me At: 847-710-7093