6 Things to consider before purchasing a hdmi splitter

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6 Things to consider before purchasing a hdmi splitter, taking care of these points would save you a lot of money, time and problems.


  • 1. 6 Things to consider before purchasing a HDMI SplitterHDMI Splitter is a simple device that allows video and audio to be distributed to two or more displayssimultaneously. Quality HDMI Video Splitters support full HD 1080P video resolution and beyond withHDCP and high definition digital audio. They also have support for important new HDMI capabilities suchas 3D video.Ques- What are the available sizes?Ans- HDMI Splitters are available in 2, 4, 8 and 16 Port configurations. There might be applicationswhere users are looking to display an image on more than 16 monitors. For such large installations,these units can be cascaded to display the same image on more than 16 monitors or TVs.Ques- Which is the best quality HDMI Splitter?Ans- There are several different brands of HDMI Distribution Amplifiers available in the market. The firststep is to identify a product that supports all basic requirements like EDID and HDCP compliance. Youalways want to go with a powered HDMI Splitter solution. HDMI is a digital video signal and usingpassive Splitters is not recommended.Ques- What is the maximum length HDMI Cable that I can use with HDMI Splitters?Ans- It is not recommendedto use HDMI cables longer than 25ft. If you are looking to extend beyond25ft you should useanHDMI Extender solution over Cat5e/Ca6 cable.Ques- I am looking to split and extend my HDMI signal up to 300ft with 1080p video resolution support?Ans- For this specific application what you need is a 3D enabled HDMI Splitter in conjunction with longrange HDMI Extenders with HDBaseT support. You can extend the video signal up to 330ft with full1080p video resolution support.Ques- Are there UTP HDMI Splitter solutions available on the market?Ans- Yes, there are. They are most commonly referred to as HDMI Splitter Extenders over Cat5e/Cat6cable. These units are available in 2, 4 and 8 Port configurations. Most of these Splitter extendersolutions are sold as kits where the receivers are included in the package.Ques- Do I need a HDMI Splitter for two HDMI devices?

2. Ans- No, what you need is a HDMI Switch. If you need to switch between multiple HDMI devices to asingle HDMI LCD or TV you need a switch not a splitter.NOTE: Receive free technical support and ideas regarding selecting the correct HDMI Splitter foryourapplication at KVMSwitchTech. Contact the customer support(TOLLFREE: 866-865-7737) and getyour questions answered before you spendmoney on any other product.


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