9 Things Not to Do When Applying to a Startup Accelerator

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9 hints and tips about how to present yourself to Startup Accelerators, and how not to.


  • 1.9 Things You Really Should Not Do When Applying to an AcceleratorBy Startupyard.com

2. Forget to do research on your market. 3. Ask the accelerator to sign an NDA before even applying.No. 4. Ask the accelerator for a bigger investment, as a condition of joining. 5. Answer all questions with only Yes, or No. 6. Insist that you have no competition. 7. Obsess about the valuation of your (future) company. 8. Be afraid to say I dont know, in answer to a question. 9. Insist that your idea is great and revolutionary, because revolutionary great ideas automatically become successful. Just like the Apple Newton, the Delorean, and BetaMax. 10. Don't practice your pitch. 11. www.startupyard.com


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