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  1. 1. AADI offers Android Social Networking Apps Development for Accessing the SocialNetwork through Android based DevicesThe professional Android developers of the company are developing Android social networking apps for theoffshore clients (Android users).Android professionals are making easy of accessing social network through Android based devices. AADI isthe special company foe enhancing the usability of Android based devices through different appsdevelopment. Android social networking apps development is one of the main services of the company thatensures robust social networking practices through their Android based devices. Making social networkconnections through hand-held devices is easy with the help of high quality apps and companys Androiddevelopers/programmers are making it possible for the offshore clients. Android user can access any socialnetworking website through their device and company is developing fully functional and appropriateAndroid social networking apps. Android users can perform various social network building activitiesthrough their respective devices such as live chat, photo uploading, message notifications, profile viewing,commenting and many more.Social networking means staying connect with dear ones through various popular social networking websitesavailable on the web such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, etc. companys Android professionals are highlyprofessional for developing the apps for the Android devices according to needs of the clients. One of thehigher officials of the company expressed his views that our Android developers are proficient indeveloping and designing various types of social networking apps for the different Android based devicesaccording to the specific needs of the clients that help them access the sites comfortably and performdifferent custom social networking practices. There are different types of social networking apps that mostof Android users like to use. Company provides Android social networking apps development to clientswho like to use for the business and those who use them for their specific social activities. Clients use theAndroid social networking apps for their respective requirements such as tracking the movements of theonline contacts, setting alerts for specific friends & his/her activities and using apps as tour guide and helpthem collect information about specific location.Companys Android professionals utilize officially provided Android SDK (software development kit), JavaProgramming language, C programming language and series of Android APIs. There is a wide range ofcustom Android social networking apps development is possible with the power of professional Androiddevelopers/programmers of the company.To learn more about AndroidApplicationDevelopmentIndia.com - AADI and its Android Social NetworkingApps Development services visit www.androidapplicationdevelopmentindia.com and please contact us.
  2. 2. About AADI - AndroidApplicationDevelopmentIndia.comAADI is a leading Android solution provider at global level. The company specializes in absolute Androidsolutions and mobile application development that meet business and mobile consumer needs. Thecompanys Android development services are available for the millions of people using Android based hand-held devices in various countries. www.androidapplicationdevelopmentindia.comContact:Indian Office:HiddenBrains InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.405, Balleshwar Square,Opp. ISKCON Temple, S. G. Highway,Ahmedabad-15, INDIA.Tel.: +91-989-802-1433USA OFFICE (Head Quarters)OCFX Inc2033 Gateway Place,Suite 500,San Jose, CA 95110US Toll FREE NumberTel.: +1-888-655-1257US Direct NumberTel.: +1-323-908-3492UK Direct NumberTel.: +44-207-993-2188


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