Adapting iOS 8 in iOS 7 Apps

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Guidelines, gotchas and some cool stuff to consider when making your app ready for iOS8.

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  • 1. Adapting iOS 8Aviel Lazar@aviellazarTLV iOS Developers Meetup

2. Your iOS7 apps Work! Dont look deprecated And yet 3. Privacy Permissions Attack 4. Permissions Attack #1Camera 5. Permissions Attack #2Loca tionAlwaysvs.While in Use 6. Permissions Attack #3 Permission Required NEW: Local Notifications Push Notifications No Permission Needed: Silent Push Notifications Gotcha: New API!registerUserNotificationSettings:notificationSettings 7. Best Practices Prompt in context Specify the purpose NEW: Privacy settings link!UIApplicationOpenSettingsURLString"" 8. Push Notifications 9. In App Purchases Ask to Buy feature of Family Sharing New transaction state Deferred 10. Deferred Transaction Payment is neither purchased or failed Further update will be received Indeterminate time Meanwhile Allow the user to use the app Repurchase allowed 11. KeyboardHeightAccessory View DisplayedAbove that 12. Condensing Bars 13. UI Adaptivity Canvas Space vs. Orientation Regular vs. Compact 14. UI Adaptivity 15. UI Adaptivity UITraitsCollection horizontalSizeClass verticalSizeClass displayScale userInterfaceIdiom 16. UI Adaptivity Adaptive View Controller - UITrairtsEnviorment UIPresentationController Popover AlertsView,ActionSheet Search Custom UISplitViewController Adaptive Image Assets"[UIImage named: Cart "inBundle: nil "compatibleWithTraitCollection: self.traitCollection]" 17. UI Adaptivity Gotcha [[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds] Is now orientation aware! 18. UITableViewDynamic Text Support 19. UITableView Cells rowHeight Delegate Self Sizing Cells (Dynamic Type) Auto Layout sizeThatFits: is height for width table.View.rowHeight =44 (gotcha) tableView.estimatedRowHeight = 44 20. WKWebView Its the Safari WebView Multi Process , Gestures, Fast JavaScript Powerful integration for Hybrid Apps: Navigation Delegate User scripts Script Messages JSON" window.webkit.messageHandlers..postMessage();" 21. WKWebView 22. Modern Objective - C instanacetype (instancetype)initWithFrame:(CGRect)frame; " Properties vs. method notations! !" 23. iTunes Connect iTunes Connect Analytics App Page Views Website Links Campaign Links App Bundles Only for paid apps Complete my bundle 24. App Previews 30 Seconds Shows UI/Functionality Easily Capture- OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 Can Do: Narrations Dont Do: Hands Prices Copyright infringement 25. Hidden Gems & More Localization XCode will Import/Export XLIFF files Previews (RTL support) Instruments Network profiling 26. Thank YouWere Hiring! 27. Questions ?