Adding advanced Device Capabilities to Android

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The Android platform is a great mobile operating system. Nonetheless, there are some important technical areas in which Android is not yet state of the art. This presentation discusses how the OSGi technology complements Android and adds powerful concepts like Web Widgets, Remote Management and SOA.


<ul><li> 1. Adding advanced Device Capabilities to Android<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Introduction<br />This presentation is about enhancing Android with a number of advanced, open device capabilities.<br />The enabling technology is Mobile OSGi, a powerful, standardized, cross-OS framework for APIs, Services and Middleware (available for other OSes incl. Win Mobile) <br /> 3. OSGi complements, not competes<br />the Android programming model<br /> 4. Technical<br /> Value Add<br /> 5. Mobile Web Widgets<br />OSGi adds support for Web Widgets like JIL, Bondi, W3C, Opera, etc.<br />Support for multiple browsers and Flash<br />JavaScript APIs (custom APIs or enabler APIs) pluggable at any time<br />Best of Breed:<br /> Browser for UI<br /> Java for Business Logic<br /> 6. Mobile Web Widgets, cont.<br />Pushes the limits of web widgetsas developers can break out ofthe browser sandbox!!<br />Web<br />Runtime<br />Widget<br />App<br />Widget<br />App<br />Widget<br />App<br />Technical Concept:<br /></p> <ul><li> Middleware components aredeployed into OSGi </li></ul> <p> 7. OSGi Services (incl. custom code) canbe auto-translated into Web Services 8. JavaScript APIs (i.e. wrappers forOSGi services) loadable from localhost 9. OSGi is fully manageable fromremote (app lifecycle, diagnostics,etc)Widget<br />App<br />JS<br />Custom<br />APIs<br />JS<br />Custom<br />APIs<br />JS<br />Custom<br />APIs<br />Widget<br />App<br />JS<br />Platform<br />APIs<br />Web Server<br />Custom<br />Module<br />Deploy<br />Platform<br />Enablers<br />(Camera, Messaging, BT, etc.)<br />Custom<br />Module<br />Custom<br />Service<br />Mobile OSGi<br /> 10. Remote Management<br />OSGi adds remote Management capabilitiesto Android<br />Eases enterprise usageof Android devices by intelligent remote controland security features<br />Value add for corporateIT and customer care<br />Supported Features:<br /></p> <ul><li>Android &amp; OSGiAppLifecycleMgmt </li></ul> <p> 11. App Push Deployment 12. AppUninstall, Update 13. AppStart/Stop 14. Remote Configuration 15. Remote Monitoring 16. Remote Lock &amp; Wipe 17. Server Initiated Session Support 18. Postloadof Agent possibleSupported Standards:<br /></p> <ul><li> OMA-DM 1.2 </li></ul> <p> 19. OMA-DLOTA 1.0 20. OSGi 4.0 MOs 21. SCOMO 22. LAWMO </p>