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Adobe Captivate for Tutorials Nichole Ackerman & Ross Martin

Adobe Captivate for Library Tutorials

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  • 1. Nichole Ackerman& Ross Martin
  • 2. Time2 5 hours work to produce 1 minuteof videoLength: under 2 minutes for basicconceptsLength: under 6 minutes for largerconcepts
  • 3. Visual Basics Adobe Captivate eLearning Authoring Software
  • 4. Why We Love CaptivateRecord full motion OR slidesSlides make it easy to edit projectControl mouse clicks, pace of project,and typing speedAudio on individual slides
  • 5. YouTube BenefitsMobile friendly, well-known platformEasily compile statisticsAllows comments, ratings, & followersMetadata GPS location, tags,description, title, & number of views
  • 6. Visual ExtrasAdobe Illustrator Vector Art Creator Adobe Photoshop Picture and Image Editor
  • 7. Audio Basics Spreadsheet Software (to keep track of scripts)Dynamic Vocal Recording Microphone & Stand
  • 8. Title and DateSlide # and Content Other Scripts
  • 9. Audio Extras Creative Commons Licensed Music AudacityOpen Source Sound Editor
  • 10. The Process (1 of 2)Decide on a topicRehearse steps and processesSet recording options and preferencesRecord slides and full motion videoSave a raw file separately
  • 11. The Process (2 of 2)Clean project remove unwanted slides,sync up mouse, insert captions, addhighlight boxesAdd and edit audio, intro/outro slidesEdit slides again, sync up all elementsPublish to YouTube, add metadata
  • 12. Screen Recording Window Capture Area: Custom Size YouTube Widescreen 1280x720 Recording Type: Automatic Custom No Panning No Narration
  • 13. Recording Settings Audio Options: Camera Sounds Keystrokes Hear Keyboard Tap Sounds Others: Move New Windows Inside Recording Area Automatically Use FMR for: Drag and Drop actions Mouse Wheel actions
  • 14. Recording Mode Mode: Custom Mouse: Show Mouse Location and Movement
  • 15. Project Editing TipsSave the raw, uncut version of projectKeep transitions at an even pace29pt font size in text captions works wellUse a similar color scheme for captions andhighlights to create a branded look
  • 16. Audio Editing TipsRecord and edit all vocals the same dayKeep old scripts to help with rerecordingCreate an audio file for each slide or fullmotion recording for easy editingAdd white noise before & after audio file
  • 17. www.youtube.com/seminolestatelib www.slideshare.net/nallyn4
  • 18. Nichole [email protected] [email protected]