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On behalf of Agoria, the Belgian federation for ICT, N BBDO put their heads together with Proximity BBDO and organized a three-wave synergy campaign towards students in their last year secondary school.


  • 1. Agoria How ICT are you?
  • 2. Briefing ICT sector in Belgium has an image problem towards youngsters. 14.000 vacant positions in the Belgian ICT sector
  • 3. Central idea Three-wave campaign: How Nerdy are You Digital Masters 2008 CEO Tour 2008
  • 4. Central idea How Nerdy are you? Everybody is a nerd. But How Nerdy are You? Find it out at Digital Masters 2008 Teams of students compete each other in an interschool competition They experience the exciting and captivating world of the ICT sector
  • 5. Central idea CEO Tour 2008 Organize a national CEO Tour where CEOs of Belgian ICT companies visit schools and give a presentation about their sector and the Digital Masters
  • 6. Results How Nerdy are you? 90.000 visitors to the site 100.000 tests taken Excellent viral effect 4.000 newsletter subscriptions
  • 7. Results Digital Masters 2008 70.000 unique visitors 4 minutes average time per visitor 8000 members registered 270 competing teams
  • 8. Results CEO Tour 2008 70 schools subscribed Lots of media & PR coverage Happy client