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  • 1. With the name ofALLAH,The BeneficentandMost merciful

2. AKHTAR SHAH1, FARZANA PARVEEN2 AND BAKHT NAWAB31M.Sc Student, 2Chairperson, Department ofZoology, Hazara University, Gardencampus, Mansehra and 3 AssistantProfessor, Department of Biology, AKL postGraduate College Matta, Distt Swat 3. INTRODUCTION Swat Lush green & historicvalley,T.A 5337 km, Population, 125760 River Swat Originates fromKohistan, T.L 250 km Provides a habitat tomany Fish species Study on specified area Objectives Observation of fishfauna of a particularpart Ecotonal habitat is ofspecial significance Population dynamicsafter historical flood 4. METHOD AND MATERIALS Study area was divided into 3 zones1) K. Khela to Shen 2) Shen to Baghdaire3) Baghdaire to Qandil Collection was done from specific sites Materials Cast net, automatic rods, hook net, handnet and locally adopted divices Prservation Caring the collection Measurements and laboratory work Identification 5. RESULTS 9 fish species wereidentified Oncorhyncus mykiss Schizothoraxrichardsonii Carassius auratus Crossocheilusdiplocheilus Schistora alepidota Glyptosternumreticulatum Cyprinus carpio Triplophysa choprai Triplophysa naziri Rainbow trout,Oncorhyncus mykiss(Walbaum, 1792) Classification K: Animalia; P: Chordata;C: Actinoperygii; O: Salmoniformes; Family:Salmonidae Compressed and elongatebody, Head moderate, large andsuperior eyes Dorsal fin moderate,elongate adipose dorsal fin,caudal fin forked Mouth lanceulate Olive green to steely blue,small dark spots on thebody Distribution 6. Snow trout, Schizothorax richardsonii (Tilak, 1987) O: Cypriniformes; F: Cyprinidae Abundatly found species, collected fromvarious places Body strem lined, 4.1 to 6.2 times.. Mouth inferior, transverse, barbells twopairs Dorsal fin strong, serrated and mid wayb/w snout tip Steel gray, lighter bellow, belly yellowishwhite, body with small dots, caudal finyellowish, dorsal fin grayish. 7. Gold fish/ gold carp, Carassius auratus(Day, 1877) O: Cypriniformes; F: Cyprinidae Many species collected Body stout, high and compressed, Head small and slightly compressed. Mouth small, terminal and oblique, upperjaw protictile Dorsal fin srong, anal quarish, pectoralrounded Olivacious bronze to deep golden, bellysilvery white, fins dark olive green. 8. Kashmir latia, Crossocheilus diplocheilus (Heckel,1838) O: Cypriniformes; F: Cyprinidae Many species collected, no importance Body stout and thick Head flat and compressed, eyesmoderate Mouth inferior, barbells two pairs Scales moderate variable in colour, usually brownish onback with irregular spots Caudal fin gray, dorsal with pink 9. Sundali, Shistora alipidota (Mirza and Banarescu, 1970) O:Cypriniformes; F:Balitoridae Five species collected, no importance Body cylindrical, Head obtuse Mouth semicircular and ventral inposition, barbles three pairs, nostrilsclosed to each other Eyes small, not visible under side, Head spotted, dark spot on the origin ofdorsal fin; dark band of caudal fin base 10. Chakaar machlee, Glyptosternum reticulatum(McClelland, 1842) O: Siluriformes; F: Sisoridae 25 species collected, delicious fish Body elongate Head flat and rounded Mouth inferior, four pair of barbles Eyes are of 7% of the head length Head length is about 20% of totallength Behind dorsal fin having adipose fin Some bluish, yellowish, stone like 11. Conclusions References During the presentstudy 9 species werecollected. Minimum fish speciescollected belong tofamily Salmonidae Maximum fish speciescollected belong tofamily Cyprinidae The collected fishspecies were preserved,identified and labeled. Widely distributed fishspecies found in thearea was Schizothoraxrichardsonii. Ahmad, N. D. and Mirza, M. R.(1963) Loaches of genusNoemacheilus Hasselt from Swatstate, West Pakistan. PakistanJournal of Science. 15:75-18. Butt, A. J. (1986) Fish andfisheries of North West Frontierprovince (N.W.F.P) Pakistan.Biology Special Supplement.Department of ZoologyUniversity of Peshawar Pakistan. 23-26.District CensusReport. (1999) PopulationCensus organization, statisticdivision. Government ofPakistan, Islamabad. Hayat, R. (2007) Saving RiverSwat from growing pollution.Dawn theinternetEdition.http//www.dawn.com.1-2. Jayaram, K. C. (1999) Thefreshwater fish of the IndianRegion. Nondara publishing 12. 5/4/2013 12