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  • 1. Android Social Networking App Development from AADI AADI Android Application Development India is meant to develop robust applications for Android hand-held devices. Social networking on the mobile phones is the most popular tend of modern times in the communication world. We at AADI are offering Android Social Networking Application Development with talent, expertise and latest technical acquaintance. With the modern view Social networking is stay connected with dear ones and doing various social activities provided by the social networking website such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and other popular sites. Our social networking apps developers/programmers are talented, creative and understand the demands of clients and make exactly what they require. If you are using Android based any hand-held device and like to access any popular social network on your device, then we can develop fully functional and appropriate Android social networking apps for you. All you can do with your Android device is : Live chat Photo uploading Message notifications Profile viewing & commenting and much more Online business and social networking with smart phones is rapidly growing among the masses. Android is fastest growing operating system for the high quality hand-held devices of the modern age. At AADI we are providing comprehensive Android Solutions to our clients. Social networking apps for the Android devices is the latest lure for the masses and our Android developers/programmers are busy in developing various kinds of Android social networking apps for our clients. We come across various demands related to social networking apps such as:

2. Android Social networking apps for tracking the movements of the online contacts Android Social networking apps that can set alerts for specific friends & his/her activities Android Social networking apps that can work as tour guide and help them to collect information about specific location Eventually, a wide range of Android social networking apps can be developed according to the needs of clients at AADI. It is specially designed & developed for providing complete Android solutions, not only for social networking apps, but we offer Android application development for all modern desires of people from diverse industries. In the technology section we use officially provided Android SDK (software development kit), Java Programming language, C programming language and use the series of Android APIs. Moreover, we deem that the personal engineering sense, creativity and experience of Android developers/programmers are more important for high quality Android Social Networking Application Development. Contact us for more details :