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presentation about the value of all life. Not too graphic. Please enjoy

Text of Animalrightsnow

  • 1. Life; (as defined by webster) an organismic state characterized by capacity for metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction.

2. What does life look like to you?
3. Who defines the value of ones life?
4. Are some lives considered of less value than others?
5. On what terms are the values of ones or a group of ones lives determined. Are these values defined by intelligence, beauty, skill, money , etc SURELY NOT. Surely a species as capable as human beings sets the value of life to be the same for all animals.(humans are considered animals) for the value of life is an is inherent. All species and groups within species have equal value.
6. Only in a perfect world would that be true. For, though we are capable of such thought and action we do not see all lives as being inherent in equal value.
7. Oftentimes the value of ones life is measured by what one can provide via money, sex, and/or power.
8. Example where ones life is measured by another access to power and money
9. An example where a life is measured by its skill level. Sadly, its level of skill is forced and then used for anothers monetary gain.
Baby elephant being abused during a circus training session
10. An example of ones life being measured by anothers rise to power and fame.
11. An example where a life is measured by anothers financial gain and ease of workload
A baby chic being debeaked. Common practice in chicken farms to keep chickens from fighting each other due to overcrowding. Chics receive no pain meds. The pain of debeaking is equilvalentto having your nose shaved off.
12. An example where ones life is measured by anothers access to money and sex.
13. Too often the one doing the measuring is the ONE to GAIN while the one being measured is helpless and sometimes without even a.
14. Voice
15. I imagine if they had a voice they would sayMy life is more than what you can gain
16. We have to rethink the way we value the creatures we share this planet with. We have to rethink the way in which their lives and welfare are valued
17. Because this sure the hell isnt it.
Veal farming
18. Shark being definned
Fox being skinned alive
Dog fighting
Factory farming
19. We can change this. We are capable.
20. First and foremost become educated about your world. Your food. Your health and the health of future generations. ASK QUESTIONS.
Learn About your OWN biological make-up. Human beings are not biologically designed to eat meat. It is a cultural tradition. Nonetheless, it is a choice. One can still eat meat without contributing to the torture and inhumane treatment of so many animals. The supermarket offers selections for organic and humanely raised/slaughtered meat and diary products. LOOK for the words ORGANIC, CAGE FREE, FREE-ROAMING, and such on your labels. READ your labels. Learn what you are eating! Go to Whole Foods organic grocery store for the largest selection of organic and humane grocery products. Look at your household items such as the shampoo or detergent you use. Were these products tested on animals? Find out.REFUSE to wear genuine leather or fur products. Join the World Wildlife Fund, or become a volunteer at the Humane Society. Stay away from fastfood chains. They are the largest consumers of meat from suppliers that use the most inhumane methods of factory farming not to mention the drastic effects these foods have on your health. Spay and neuter your pets. Be responsible for your pets. Treat them with love and respect. Report any form of animal abuse or neglect. Think enviromentally. Recycle. Plant a garden. Read a book about animals. Adopt an orphaned monkey or elephant from animal sancturaies. Sign petitions, support rallies, donate, educate others. But first and foremost educate yourself. Do not be satisfied with not knowing. Indifference is truly the greatest sin.
21. When it is all said and done- when the curtian falls, human life will only be measured by one yardstick and that yardstick measures in what was given- not received