App Smashing for Beginners - TCEA 2015

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App Smashing for Beginners

App Smashing for BeginnersPresented by Diana Benner

Director of Professional Benner

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ObjectivesDefine app smashing

Identify iPad apps that work well with app smashing

Discuss how using several apps for one product targets the higher levels of Blooms Taxonomy to increase student retention of learning

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Introduce Yourself(Name, Position, District, Grade Level)

What is your knowledge of app smashing?

About App Smashing App Smashing is the process of using MULTIPLE apps in conjunctions with one another to complete a final task or project.

What is App Smashing? App smashing is the simple process by which you create an image, a video, text combination in one app, then "smash" it into another app. This allows you to overlay elements, add video/audio content easily.

For example, take a photo of student work. Put that photo into 30HandsLearning slideshow, add audio recording of student discussing that photo. Repeat that process for a small group of students. Save that audio-narrated slideshow of photos of student work as a video into your iPad's Camera Roll. Import that video into iMovie, Explain Everything, Touchcast and then stitch several group projects together...voila! App smashing.7TCEA - Advanced iPad by Greg Kulowiec

Introduction to App Smashing 8TCEA - Advanced iPadStudents can create, transfer, and enhance

Students can publish and share an engaging learning product

It demands creative thinking, critical thinking, and evaluation

Why App Smash? 9TCEA - Advanced iPadAllow for a variety of apps to be usedFind an app that allows saving in camera rollAssessment criteria must be clearStart with simple appsGive time to explore apps beforehandLet the imagination roll

Key Points & Tips 10TCEA - Advanced iPad

App Smashing Process 1. When you're app smashing, begin with the end in mind. What do you want to see at the end of the process? Then, backtrack from there. What apps will you have to "run" your idea through to get the result you want?

2. Make a list of the apps you'll need to get your app smashing done.

3. Create a flowchart or outline of what apps you'll be smashing.

4. Publishing, or sharing your product, is one of the most difficult aspects. It's difficult because you have to know where you can publish your work to so that it will be most accessible for your audience. For smaller sized videos, YouTube, Dropbox, are solid choices. For ebooks (ePub), Dropbox and/or GoogleDrive are your next best choices. For images, anywhere will do. 11TCEA - Advanced iPadApp Smashing Examples

African DocumentaryMr. Andrews iPads in Education

13TCEA - Advanced iPad

A teacher shares a 5th grade assignment that smashes WordFoto, Phoster, and Tellagami to teach findings about scientists.

Scientists14TCEA - Advanced iPad

Karen Ogen shares a 1st grade assignment that smashes the Tellagami and iMovie apps (Karen compiled the videos using Windows Movie Maker but iMovie could achieve the same result) to teach about the sun and moon. While the backgrounds were clearly hand drawn and then captured using the iPad camera, the same activity could be recreated with students drawings using any sketching app.

Earth & Moon15TCEA - Advanced iPad

Laura Chaffeys class shares one of my favorite purposeful app-smashing projects. Her primary students composed a persuasive piece depicting why they would be a good candidate to be recruited for Mars One. The apps smashed were the camera, Google Earth, Tellagami, and iMovie.

Mars16TCEA - Advanced iPad Lone Star Legends17TCEA - Advanced iPad Book Review

18 The Readbox


More Sample ProjectsMr. Andrews iPads in EducationLone Star Legends Thing LinkHave you ever seen a pumpkin?Published Web BookWeekly Vocabulary WordsTeacher Presentation on GT ProgramRose, Where Did you get the Red? PoemTechChef4U ExamplesMore Lesson Ideas 20TCEA - Advanced iPadFavorite Apps to Smash My List.ly 22 App Smash Matrix 23App Smashing Challenge

Email it: or post at 1. Download Apps:Pic CollageTellagami

2. Go to Challenge Doc:

3. Share Project: App Smashing ChallengeLearn Today, Use Tomorrow25TCEA - Advanced iPad

My Sample App Smash 26TCEA - Advanced iPadThe Learning Goes On

The Definitive App Smasher's Guideby Miguel GuhlinFree eBook 28 List of iPad Apps 29

How to Join the GroupGo to and click on the Login button. Enter your info and log in.Click on the Social Community link in the left menu bar.Click on the Groups menu link and search for iPad.Click the Join Group link.Join the iPad in the Classroom GroupSocial Community 30What are some of your favorite apps to smash?

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What will you take back to your campus/district after this session and how will it be used? Questions 33Lunch & Learn WebinarsUpcoming Webinars:

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