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A pdf of my french revolution keynote.

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  • INTRODUCTIONTOTHEFRENCH REVOLUTION The French Revolution is arguably among the worlds most monumental revolutions. Those who witnessed it were scarred for life. Not many of these people even survived this violent time period. This time period was a pivotal moment on which the very hinges of the world turned. The French Revolution was started when prices skyrocketed, and dissent for the French Government was to be found everywhere. It is disputed as to the exact starting point of the French Revolution; however, it can be agreed that one of the key events that affected the direction of France is The Tennis Court Oath. The Tennis Court Oath was sworn to uphold the idea of a constitution within the third estate. It was sworn in a tennis court because when the members of the 3rd estate arrived, they found the meeting hall locked, as all of the estates were to meet. They quickly convened in a tennis court and 576 of 577 people signed this historic document. The idea of a constitution spread like wildJire. There were of course, people who supported it and people who disliked the very notion. Many of the supporters of the idea were from the 3rd estate and the peasants; however, there were some clergy who supported the idea of a constitution. At this point, France was hanging by a few loose threads. Treachery ruled on the streets and prices were so high that people could not afford to live. The character that I wrote as is a man from the clergy of France. His name is Antoine Francois Champollion Frederick Archibeque. As a noble he has many privileges that others do not have. He is also a seasoned politician who is also exposed to great events such as the Tennis Court Oath and the Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen. He is also a staunch supported of the peasants but is afraid to support them publicly for fear of being cut off from the rest of the nobles. I have chose Jive of the most pivotal moments in the French revolution, and I have written Jive diary entries of Antoine to show what it was like to live in that time period. The French Revolution was a time period of confusion, hatred, and above all terror. As the story of the French Revolution is entwined with Antoines, many difJiculties and complications arise both for Antoine but also for the progression of the French Revolution. 2
  • ANTOINES JOURNAL______HOPES RISE Antoine Franois Champollion Fredrick Archibeque June 20, 1798Mon histoire de la revolution Franaise, partie 1:Ensuite! Today, as the three estates met I was astounded that many ofthe members of the 3rd estate had not attended this meeting. My name is Antoine Francois Champollion Fredrick Archibeque, and I am one of the higher clergy of France. I live by myself, so I had no trouble answering the summons to the meeting. But I was truly astonished that the 3rd estate had not deigned to show up. How could they ignore the summons of our monarch? Do they have no honor, no dignity? As the mighty doors closed around us, we felt that our hopes for a new constitution had been locked out as well. As the negotiations commenced, we all felt as if we were caught in an endless loop. Many of the well-versed politicians like myself were the only people holding back the outbursts of arguments. After hours of negotiations we heard a great wall of sound reverberate through the hall. Every one of us stood and as I looked around, everyones faces reJlected the confusion that I felt. Questions whirled through my head as the rest of the Clergy tried to retain the fragile peace that had been violently shaken. Curiosity overwhelmed us as we rushed outside to investigate the origin of the shouting. As we blindly rushed towards the source of the sound, my ornate jewelry fell off and the dirt and grime on the streets soiled my culottes. Suddenly, our rag-tag host screeched to a halt. A tennis court stood before us. What? The sound is coming from a TENNIS COURT? I volunteered to go inside and check. Inside, a bafJling spectacle met my eyes. The 577 Members of the 3rd estate in the tennis Court3
  • I stood perplexed as 576 politicians from the 3rd estate stood up chanting words that had never before been uttered in France. Nous avons besoin dune constitution! We need a constitution! As I walked around, I asked many of the people what they were doing here instead of being in the hall. The answer that I received shamed me to no end. When they arrived, it appears that they found the doors locked and so convened in this tennis court. But, I also learnt that there were originally 577 people in the tennis court. Unfortunately a man, Joseph Martin Dauche, did not sign this because he could not agree with anything that the king did not approve of. How could this man be so nave! Can he not see that the king and his rule is falling apart? In hindsight, I do believe that France is in need of a constitution because of the grievous mistakes made by Louis XVI. Frances backbone has been broken and its will to live has been shattered. I realized that with this constitution we are given the chance to rebuild our France into the country that it was meant to be. As they continued with their chant I joined them to let them know, no, to let France know, that I supported them and will continue to do so until France is a changed country. Whatever comes next, I know that it will be the best for France. At this time it is uncertain, as it is uncertain with all great events. We cannot predict what is going to happen next as the future is clouded and uncertain, but what I do know is that I will carry on supporting the people. Antoine Franois Champollion Fredrick ArchibequeANTOINES JOURNAL______HOPES RISE(CONTINUATION)The estates meet without the 3rd estate4
  • Antoine Franois Champollion Fredrick Archibeque July 14th 1978Mon histoire de le revolution Franaise, partie 2:In the blackness of the deep cell, I was isolated and my senses had withdrawn; but I was still able to hear the mufJled boom of cannons Jiring and guns being shot. The Bastille shook and I was thrown from side to side. It seems only yesterday that I was there at the tennis court chanting with the 3rd estate. The king also imprisoned many of the original signers of the Tennis Court Oath. After swearing the Tennis Court Oath, it seemed as though the peasants regarded us with a new honor. Some were in such a hurry to help us that they would tell us what they thought we wanted to hear, not the truth. I felt as if the kings oppression would never stop as he continues to terrorize France. I was imprisoned after Louis XVI heard that we wanted a constitution. His deluded mind interpreted our feelings in the way that he thought that we wanted to overthrow him. It seemed like an eternity in the cold darkness of the cell. My sight was leveled down to zero and the chill I felt went bone deep. It was by far, the worst experience of my life. What only prolonged my suffering was the fact that the king came down to childishly torment us with his jeers and scalding comments about our honor. It seemed a blessing when I learnt that the fortress was under attack. My spirits plunged however, when I heard that undisciplined peasants were the ones leading the charge. How could mere peasants stand up to the discipline and strength of trained soldiers? It seemed impossible. I was sure that I would rot there, willing the world to change. ANTOINES JOURNAL______FLYING BULLETS AND SPLATTERING BLOODThe Bastille is Attacked5
  • It seemed like a miracle when some bloody, beaten peasants limped in through the door. They surveyed the room and at Jirst they looked at me in disgust. My last ope hated me! But just then they decided to take me with them and dragged me into the light. The blinding rays of the afternoon seared into my eyes even as I screwed them shut. I tried to turn my head away but it seemed as if the whole world was an explosion of light. All of my senses were overwhelmed. I sat there in a daze for a fewminutes until I began to recover. Over the short period of an hour, I learnt that the peasants had stormed the Bastille with weapons that had been procured from local armorers. Amidst all of this chaos, the Assembly remained IGNORANT of the monumental events taking place around Paris. How could our governors not be involved with the affairs of the people? Has France sunk so low? And, considering the fact that the country is in a huge Jinancial crisis, the government must pay even more attention to the people. It seems to me that France is only digging itself deeper and deeper into the hole of depression, isolation, and destruction. I have fallen into the world of searing violence and death. I wait the day that the king accepts a pact that enacts the rights of all citizens as well as providing all needed to help France out of this slump. Antoine Franois Champollion Fredrick ArchibequeANTOINES JOURNAL______FLYING BULLETS AND SPLATTERING BLOOD(CONTINUATION)Peasants destroy the Bastille6
  • ANTOINES JOURNAL___________BONDS REFORGED AND HOPES REKINDLEDAntoine Franois Champollion Fredrick Archibeque August 27th 1789Mon histoire de le revolution Franaise, partie 3: Liberty and equality, they are what we all crave for. Our want for it has formed in us, a gaping cavern of want and despair into which we all fall. It is not a good time for France. Destruction runs rampant through the abandoned streets and fear permeates the very air that we breathe. I sit here in the greatest fear that the kings sold