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Introduction to Azure IaaS for DevTeach Oceanwide


  • 1. VirtualMachines

2. Azure Virtual Machines Launch Windows Server and Linux in minutes Scale from 1 to 1000s of VM Instances Save money with per-minute billing Open and extensible 3. Provisioning VM>_ 4. VM Gallery5A COLLECTION OF PREBUILT IMAGES FOR VARIOUS WORKLOADSWindows Server 2012 R2 Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS CentOS 6.5Microsoft AzureSUSE LinuxopenSUSE 13.1Enterprise Server Oracle Linux 8.1 EnterpriseSQL Server 2014 Standard Oracle Database 11g R2 BizTalk Server 2013 SharePoint Server FarmMicrosoft DynamicsGP 2013Zulu 8SAP HANADeveloper Edition Puppet Enterprise 3.2.3 Barracuda Web ApplicationOracle WebLogicServer 12.1.2Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 5. Virtual Machine SizesINSTANCE CORES RAM DISK SIZES PRICEGeneral PurposeA0 1 0.75 GB 20 GB $0.0211/hr(~$15.82/mo)A1 1 1.75 GB 70 GB $0.095/hr(~$70.66/mo)A2 2 3.50 GB 135 GB $0.1899/hr(~$141.31/mo)A3 4 7.00 GB 285 GB $0.3797/hr(~$282.61/mo)A4 8 14.00 GB 605 GB $0.7593/hr(~$565.22/mo)Memory IntensiveA5 2 14.00 GB 135 GB $0.348/hr(~$259.41/mo)A6 4 28.00 GB 285 GB $0.696/hr(~$517.76/mo)A7 8 56.00 GB 605 GB $1.392/hr(~$1,035.52/mo)Compute IntensiveA8 8 56.00 GB 382 GB $2.5836/hr(~$1,922.36/mo)A9 16 112.00 GB 382 GB $5.1671/hr(~$3,844.71/mo) 6. Demo: Provisioning VMManaging VMs using Azure portal 7. VM Extensions Installable components to customize VM instances Enable various DevOps scenarios Can be added, updated, disabled or removed at any time Managed via portal, PowerShell and Management APIsMicrosoft Azure 8 8. Data Persistence Data Disks Azure Files 9. Disks and ImagesBase OS image for new Virtual MachinesSys-Prepped/Generalized/Read OnlyCreated by uploading or by captureWritable Disks for Virtual MachinesCreated during VM creation or duringupload of existing VHDs. 10. Image Mobility 11. VM disk layout 12. Persistent Disks and Highly Durable 13. Azure Files 14. Azure Files - Scenarios Share data across VMs and applications Multiple writers, multiple readers using standard file systemsemantics. Share settings throughout services VMs can read settings and files from a common, sharedlocation. These can be updated externally via REST. Dev/Test/Debug Very useful to have a shared location for installing applications,setting up VMs, running tools, and keeping notes whiledeveloping, testing, and debugging cloud services. 15. Virtual Machine Availability Meaning of 9s Fault domains, update domains and availability sets Load balancing 16. Meaning of 9s18ServiceAvailability(%)System TypeAnnualizedDown MinutesQuarterly DownMinutesMonthly DownMinutesPractical Meaning FAA rating90 Unmanaged 52,596.00 13,149.00 4,383.00 Down 5 weeks per year99 Managed 5,259.60 1,314.90 438.30 Down 4 days per year ROUTINE99.9 Well managed 525.96 131.49 43.83 Down 9 hours per year ESSENTIAL99.99 Fault tolerant 52.60 13.15 4.38 Down 1 hour per year99.999 High availability 5.26 1.31 0.44 Down 5 minutes per year CRITICAL99.9999 Very highavailability0.53 0.13 0.04 Down 30 seconds per year99.99999 Ultra availability 0.05 0.01 - Down 3 seconds per year SAFETY CRITICALMicrosoft AzureFrom Generic Requirements for Operation Systems Platform Reliability, Telcordia Technologies System Documentation,GR-2841-CORE andFederation Aviation Administration Handbook: Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RMA) Handbook, FAA-HDBK-006A, Jan 7, 2008. 17. Service Level Agreements 18. Fault and Update Domains 19. Virtual Machine Availability SetsUPDATE DOMAINS ARE HONORED BY HOST OS UPDATES 20. Load balancing Load balancingMultiple VMs share the workload via public facing endpoints Internal Load balancingLoad balancing between VMs that dont have public facing endpointsExternalLoadBalancerCustomer vNetInternalLoadBalancer Back endMicrosoft Azure Front end22InternetMicrosoft AzurePublic VIP 21. Traffic Manager Load balancing FailoverMicrosoft AzureNorthEuropeUS WestNorth America Europe 22. VirtualNetworks 23. Azure Virtual Networks A protected private virtual network in cloud Extend enterprise networks into Azure Cross-premises connectivity 24. Virtual Network Scenarios Hybrid Public/Private CloudEnterprise app in Microsoft Azure requiring connectivity to on-premise resources Enterprise Identity and Access ControlManage identity and access control with on-premise resources (on-premises ActiveDirectory) Monitoring and ManagementRemote monitoring and trouble-shooting of resources running in Azure Advanced Connectivity RequirementsCloud deployments requiring IP addresses and direct connectivity across servicesMicrosoft Azure 26 25. Questions?