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Real Solutions DayEmanuele Bartolesi MVP ASP.NETCEO & Founder SmartCore Tech

Media Services & Azure Search

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15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions DayWho I Am15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions Day

Emanuele Bartolesi

Microsoft MVP ASP.NETFounder of SmartCore TechDotNetToscana Staff Member & SpeakerSpeaker for various eventsTrainerSharePoint addicted from 2007Enthusiast ASP.NET DeveloperNopCommerce ContributorMCPD Web applications, MCTS BING Applications, MCTS Silverlight, MCTS HTML5 & CSS3

Italian blog: www.emanuelebartolesi.comEnglish blog: @kasukenEmail: emanueleb@outlook.comAgendaAzure Media ServicesDemoAzure SearchDemo15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions DayAzure Media ServicesReal Solutions Day15/12/2014OverviewNetFlix produces 33% of the world's Internet traffic (from 21:00 to 24:00)40% of internet traffic is video (today), growing to 80% (2015)50 million internet connected TV sold this year150 million video capable smartphone (and counting)200 million consoles sold this year15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions Day


15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions DayVideo Encoding [input formats]3GPP3GPP2ASFAVIDVMODM2TSMP4MPEG-1MPEG-2MTSPIFF 1.3TSVOBWMVXESC

Inputformats(containers)DVH.264MPEG-1MPEG-2MPEG-4 v2VC-1WMV

Inputcodecs15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions DayVideo Encoding [output formats]Outputformats(containers)



HLSSmooth StreamingMPEG DASH15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions DayAudio Encoding [input & output]AC3AIFFBWFMP3M4AM4BWAVWMAInputformats(containers)AC-3AACAAC-LCHE-AAC v1HE-AAC v2MP3WMAInputcodecs

Outputformats(containers)AACWMAAAC-LCHE-AAC v1HE-AAC v2WMAOutputcodecs

15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions DayResources Workflow

Input media files


Output media filesAsset:Contains digital files (video, audio, text tracks, etc.)Contains metadata about digital filesMapped to Azure Blob StorageBlob15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions DayResources Workflow

AssetTask:Contains asset processing instructions

Processor:Compute resource to be used for work




PackageTasksProcessorProcessorProcessorProcessor15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions DayResources Workflow

AssetJob:Combines several tasksContains details of the processing workEvent handlingMonitoringJobProgressEventsTask execution15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions DayMedia Services First lookReal Solutions Day15/12/2014Media Services First demoReal Solutions DayQ&AReal Solutions DayAzure SearchReal Solutions DayAgendaWhat is Azure SearchWhy Azure SearchHow it worksLimitationsTypesSearch operatorsDemo15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions DayWhat is Azure SearchFull-text enginePlatform as a service (Paas)Admin by Rest APIData exchange with JSON15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions DayWhy Azure Search

15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions DayHow it worksCreate the Azure Search ServiceGet the admin and search keyCreate the indexUpload documentsQuery the indexMaintain the index15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions DayLimitations - freeObject Limit Maximum number of indexes3Maximum document count10,000Maximum storage size50 MBMaximum partitionsN/AMaximum replicasN/AMaximum search unitsN/A15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions DayLimitations - standardObject Limit Maximum number of indexes50 per Search serviceMaximum document count15 million per partitionMaximum storage size25 GB per partitionMaximum partitions12 per Search serviceMaximum replicas6 per Search serviceMaximum search units36 per Search service15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions DayLimitations Request SizesMaximum of 16 MB per requestMaximum 8 KB URL lengthMaximum 1000 documents per batch of index uploads, merges, or deletesMaximum 25 characters of text in Suggest API request, minimum 3 charactersMaximum 32 fields in $orderby clauseMaximum search term size is 32766 bytes (32 KB minute 2 bytes) of UTF-8 encoded text15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions DayTypesEdm.StringText that can optionally be tokenized for full-text search (word-breaking, stemming, etc.)Collection(Edm.String) A list of strings that can optionally be tokenized for full-text search.Edm.BooleanContains true/false values.Edm.Int32Integral numeric data.Edm.DoubleDouble-precision numeric dataEdm.DateTimeOffsetContains a date and time as an offset in minutes from GMT. In the OData V4 format: "yyyy-mm-ddTHH:mm:ss.fffZ". Azure Search requires all date/time values are required to be in UTC (indicated by the 'Z' suffix).Edm.GeographyPointA point representing a geographic location on the globe. For request and response bodies the representation of values of this type follows the GeoJSON "Point" type format. For URLs OData uses a literal form based on the WKT standard. A point literal is constructed as geography'POINT(lon lat)'.Edm.GeographyPolygonA polygon representing a geographic region on the globe. While this type cannot be used in document fields, it can be used as an argument to the geo.intersects function. The literal form for URLs in OData is based on the WKT standard. A polygon literal is constructed as geography'POLYGON((lon lat, lon lat, ...))'. NOTE: points in a polygon must be in counterclockwise order.15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions DayOperators+ AND operator. For example, wifi+luxury will search for documents containing both "wifi" and "luxury"| OR operator. For example, wifi|luxury will search for documents containing either "wifi" or "luxury" or both- NOT operator. For example, wifi -luxury will search for documents that have the "wifi" term and/or do not have "luxury" (and/or is controlled by searchMode)* Suffix operator. For example, lux* will search for documents that have a term that starts with "lux", ignoring case." Phrase search operator. For example, while Roach Motel would search for documents containing Roach and/or Motel anywhere in any order, "Roach Motel" will only match documents that contains that whole phrase together and in that order (text analysis still applies).( ) Precedence operator. For example, motel+(wifi|luxury) will search for documents containing the "motel" term and either "wifi" or "luxury" (or both).15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions DayWhats NewCurrent API version is 2014-10-20-Preview27 languages - Regions: North Cetral US & South Central USAzure Portal Index Creation & Management

15/12/2014#RealSolutions - Real Solutions DayAzure Search First lookReal Solutions DayQ&AReal Solutions Day