Bernie's American Dream

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  • 1. Part II

2. a housein the suburbswith a white picket fence.Okay, its doesnt have a white picket fence,its in the city,and we live on the first floor of the two-flat,but its close enough for me . 3. 2.5 kids(in Dream math, 1 dog = 1.25 kids),and a beautiful wife(not allowed to make ajoke here). 4. This is my ultimate American Dream: 5. A few acres of farm/mountain land in Vermont On which to place our prefab eco-home 6. Will fritter away our time writing insightfulcommentary on pop culture and politics enlightening the world with our witty and wisecultural analysis 7. in five easy steps 8. (my favorite t-shirt really, not a randomimage I own it) 9. yes,completelyrandomimages ofwriting 10. They keep me hip as I grow older. 11. Ill have bribed them into contributing to my Dream fund: