Best iPhone strategy games of 2014

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5 Best iPhone strategy games of 2014


  • 1. For generations, the knowledge of firedust and the legend of the Thousand Sun Weapon has kept the Autumn Empire safe from foreign barbarians. As civil war threatens to tear the land asunder, will you take up the sword, and stand on mountains to mend the sky? Autumn Dynasty is a revolutionary new real time strategy game designed from the ground up for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.
  • 2. Command a team of four Galactic Command (GALCOM) marines in highly classified missions across space stations, starships and vast planetary battlefields. Based on the world of the Line Of Defense MMO, train your team, upgrade their stats, weapons, inventory and abilities to become the ultimate fighting force.
  • 3. Simple to learn but hard to master. Tree Wars is the addictive squirrel- strategy game that will leave you out of breath. Captain your heroic squirrel troops to battle but beware of the beaver brutes they have quite a few tricks up their sleeves.
  • 4. Little conquest is a frenetic strategy game with beautiful HD + Retina graphics. Conquer all the buildings before your enemy to earn your victory. Create your army using powerful mythological units and invincible siege weapons. Use the magical powers of the druids to enhance your attacks or block your enemies.
  • 5. Highlights: Challenging gameplay that makes you think before you act. Every move counts! Make strategical choices to upgrade your abilities. Earn achievements and unlock access to new upgrades. Procedurally generated levels give a new experience every play. No in-app purchases. Access the full game without ever having to pay more.