Best Practices with WSO2 Developer Studio

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  • 1. EnterpriseApplica2on DevelopmentBestPrac2ces withWSO2DeveloperStudioAsankaSanjeewaSeniorSo(wareEngineerHarshanaMar2nAssociateTechnicalLeadLastUpdated:Jan.2014

2. AboutthePresenter(s) Harshana Martin Associate Technical Lead * 3. AboutthePresenter(s) Asanka Sanjeewa Senior Software Engineer * 4. AboutWSO2 Globalenterprise,foundedin 2005byacknowledgedleadersin XML,webservicestechnologies, standardsandopensource Providesonlyopensource plaBorm-as-a-serviceforprivate, publicandhybridcloud deployments*AllWSO2productsare100%open sourceandreleasedunderthe ApacheLicenseVersion2.0. IsanAcMveMemberofOASIS, CloudSecurityAlliance,OSGi Alliance,AMQPWorkingGroup, OpenIDFoundaMonandW3C.DrivenbyInnovaMonLaunchedrstopensourceAPI ManagementsoluMonin2012LaunchedAppFactoryin2Q2013LaunchedEnterpriseStoreandrstopen sourceMobilesoluMonin4Q2013 5. WhatweDeliver * 6. BusinessModel* 7. WSO2DeveloperStudio WSO2 Developer Studio is the strategic on-premise development tool for WSO2 Carbon middleware platform. Enables Develop, Deploy, Debug and Test using single interface providing One-Stop tool. For more information about WSO2 Developer Studio 3.5 refer to * 8. DeveloperStudioTools ESBEditor,graphicaltoo,withreverseengineeringcapabiliMes GovernanceRegistryTools,tobrowse,createandeditservicemetadata DataServicesEditor,fromdatatoservicesinquickMme IntegraMng o EclipseBPELeditortools,businessprocessdesign o JBossSmookseditor,visualdatatransformaMons Composite-ApplicaMonssupport CombinemulMplearMfactsintoonelogicalprojectdeployedacrossmulMpleservices withdierentroles Maven based build model, to help with automated conMnuous builds and integraMon * 9. UseCase:AFaultRepor2ngSystem* 10. ProductInforma2on WSO2 Developer Studio 3.5.0 WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus 4.8.0 WSO2 Application Server 5.2.1 WSO2 Data Service Server 3.1.1 MySQL Server 5.x * 11. Demo* 12. DemoOutline Setting up Database (MachinesDB) Setting up Development Environment Creating Data Service (MachineFaultsDS) Creating Axis2 Service (BinaryCodeDecoder) Creating ESB Artifacts Creating Web App to update fault jobs Adding WSO2 Servers to the Developer Studio Deploy Capp from Developer Studio * 13. SeSngupDatabase Create database (MachinesDB) Create table (MachineFaults)* 14. SeSngupDevelopment Environment Open eclipse (Developer Studio) Create Maven Multi Module Project* 15. Crea2ngDataService Create Data Service Project (MachineFaultsDS) Configure Data Service Add an insert query (InsertQuery) Add input mapping for the InsertQuery Add an operation (InsertQueryOperation) Add an update query (UpdateQuery) Add input mapping for the UpdateQuery Add an operation for UpdateQuery (UpdateQueryOperation) Test data service* Configure Data Service Server Add WSO2 Data Service Server to the Developer Studio Deploy data service Test service using Tryit option 16. Crea2ngAxis2Service Create Axis2 service project (BinaryCodeDecoder) Create service (BinaryCodeDecoder) Generate WSDL for the service Test Axis2 service Add WSO2 Application Server to the Developer Studio Deploy axis2 service Test service using Tryit option* 17. Crea2ngESBAr2facts Create ESB Config project (ESBConfigs) Create ESB artifacts Create and import proxy services Create and import sequences Create Registry Resource Project Create endpoints as Registry Resources How to use tool palette Compose configurations using ESB Graphical Editor Deploy and Testing* Configure ESB server for mail transport Start server Add ESB server to the Developer Studio as a Remote Server Deploy ESB artifacts within ESB server Testing configuration using Tryit option 18. Crea2ngWebApplica2on Create a Web Application (FaultJobUpdater) Add jsp files (index.jsp) Add servlet Modify web.xml (add servlet mapping) Generate axis2 web service client to invoke a proxy service Test Web Application Deploy Web App in WSO2 Application Server Access Web App from web browser and submit form* 19. * 20. * 21. Q/A* 22. Calltoac2onpage WSO2 Developer Studio 3.5.0 http:// WSO2 Developer Studio Documentation WSO2+Developer+Studio+Documentation Eclipse Juno SR2 Java EE* 23. Calltoac2onpage WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus 4.8.0 WSO2 Application Server 5.2.1 h]p:// WSO2 Data Service Server 3.1.1 h]p://* 24. Contactus!


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