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1. Bianca Klucik 2. Chronology 23Between 26Rabbit Hole 29Make em Laugh 34Create For Me 37Moments 41Gifts 42crack-ed 43Things to come 44Faculty Club Oxford, GARichter Gallery Atlanta, GABurdell Center Atlanta, GAThe Cube Headspace, BK721318Part 11 3. ElevationFaculty Club Oxford, GAThe faculty clubhouse for the Emory at Oxford Campus focused on the creation of aprogramatically diverse building that holds a public coffee shop, a semi-public recreationarea for professors, and private housing area for guest lecturers and visitors. The site for thebuilding required one that responded subtly to the campuss rich foliage and dense historicalforest of buildings. Through a simple structure, a semi-free plan, and a careful play withindoor and outdoor spaces, the building created provides an almost ethereal experience ofthe space, finding its place between nature and history.2 4. UpUpDownDown3 5. InteriorCovered ExteriorExteriorStructure CirculationVertical transition spaces Outdoor spacesRooms4 6. BCDownDowna bab5 7. A1A2DownDownabab6 8. Richter GalleryPeachtree St., Atlanta, GASited in the heart of Midtown, the RichterGallery focuses on creating a permanenthome for five of Gerhard Richters pieces,as well as providing gallery space forrotating exhibitions. Through an analysisof Richters work, the building to housethese works required a quality thatfocused on presenting, yet blurring, thereality of the environment to provide acontinuity between his work and theinherent experience. To meet thischallenge, the building uses one waymirrors as the exterior skin and a linearplan to dissect time and space, but to alsoblur it depending on perspective andmovement within the space.7 9. 8 10. 9 11. 10 12. abab11 13. aba b12 14. As a showcase to inspire future and current students and through the removal of barriers and thecreation of a variety of spaces, the Center will create an environment ofmulti- /inter- disciplinary education.Burdell Center Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GAThe Burdell Center project focused on providing a space for Georgia Tech studentsto trade, collaborate, and transmit ideas to promote innovation in the engineeringfields. By providing an open hanger space that rotates from a large work area intosmaller work areas that stack upon each other to vary the intimacy of the space, thebuilding facilitates the osmosis of ideas through visual connection and the opportuni-ty for chance meetings.13 15. Ceilingfrom floorFloorPlans14 16. 15 17. 16 18. 17 19. The Cube Project Headspace, BKThe cube project was a two week study about shape grammars and the organi-zation of space. After deriving the shapes from a chart of the frequency rangesof different instruments, I developed a rule set for how the shapespaces wouldinteract with each other. The next step was to then organize that into a continu-ous structure with a focus on the interaction points of the structure.18 20. 19 21. 20 22. 21 23. Faculty Club 2Richter Gallery 7Burdell Center 13The Cube 18Create For Me 37Moments 41Gifts 42crack-ed 43Things to come 44ChronologyBetweenRabbit HoleMake em laugh26232934Part 222 24. Chronology 2007 - todayI found an old photo album at Goodwillonce with a plethora of empty sleeves.I got it. I started to put my life in areverse chronology into it, starting inthe back of the book, moving to thefront. The empty slots between picturesmark where I gave away a photographto somebody who I thought wouldenjoy it.23 25. 24 26. 25 27. Between Slovakia, 2012,A book project attempting to express the unique sense oflife held between the wild and the constructed found byliving in the mountainous Slovakia.The full digital version can be found here: 28. 27 29. 28 30. Rabbit Hole 2012Photography project explor-ing the reality createdthrough imagination.29 31. 30 32. 31 33. 32 34. 33 35. Make em laugh2012Moments to live for.34 36. 35 37. Faculty Club 2Richter Gallery 7Burdell Center 13The Cube 18Chronology 23Between 26Rabbit Hole 29Make em Laugh 3436Create For MeMomentsGiftscrack-ed41374243Part 3Things to come..44 38. Create for Me 2012For a final project, I crafted a mock psychology experiment to get a few friendsand acquaintances to draw an image in a rectangle and write an unrelated storybelow to see what they would come up with and to then create a booklet of thecreations to share with each participant. It was an effort to connect peoplethrough their own creativity. The resulting reactions from sharing were worthevery mock moment. 39. 38 40. ! 39 41. 40 42. Moments 2012-todayA collection of momentous moments, found here: 43. Gifts until I dieDoodles on paperbagwrapped gifts and envelopes42 44. Crack-ed crack-ed.tumblr.comI make a feeble attempt to write poetry some-times. To the right is an example of one I put intocyber space.43 45. Things to Come the futureAn assortment of projects that will be accomplished within the next year or two, regardless oftime.How Sausage is Made Oklahoma, Christmas 2012My family butchered a pig and made sausage.Its a lot more comical and heartworming* than you think.Photopals 2012-2013I gave ten disposable cameras to my 14 year old cousin in Slovakia and giving ten more to mycousin in Oklahoma. Then, developing them and sending them to each other. Both come fromrural environments (pop. ~400) and both are teenage girls. It will be interesting to see the com-parisons.Cardboard Deathstar RabbitatBelow is my rabbit, Lola. It has been determined that she is BunnyVader as she hasmanaged to mindtrick me into giving her half of my room for the construction of a card-board Deathstar.*this pun was unintentional.There were no actual heartworms.44

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