Big Data Taiwan 2014 Keynote 3: Internet of Things Driving the Next Wave of Big Data

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Speaker: Steen Graham | Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Director at Intel Introduction:The IoT is enabling a richer way of living and working by making things smarter. At the most basic level, IoT consists ofthingsthat are connecting to the internet, integrating greater compute capabilities, and using data analytics to extract meaningful information. For instance, existing equipment in a factory can now share data with the cloud. By analyzing this data, the business can improve operations. Extend this across other industries and applications, and the transformative power of the IoT is clear. As more things generate a wealth of data, the IoT is accelerating the accumulation of big data stores. According to Gartner, 35ZB of data from things will generate $2 trillion in value by 2020. Today, businesses from across industries are envisioning the IoT solutions that will generate that value. Intel provides the building blocks for IoT solutions that deliver real valuemore quickly. Connect, secure, manage, and analyze data using IoT solutions from Intel and the participants in the Intel ecosystem.


<ul><li> 1. Internet of Things driving the next wave of Big Data Steen Graham Director Embedded Sales Group Intel Asia Pacific Japan </li></ul> <p> 2. Intel Confidential 1760s. Late 1990s. Industrial Revolution 3.0 Steam and coal Railways Factories Printing press mass education 1.0 Electrification, comms, oil, combustion engine New materials Highways, automobiles Mass production Internet, molecular biology, renewable energy sources Super information highways Smart everything 2.0 3.0 We are still at the dawning of the third era ...A new economic narrative is being written. 1860s. * The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World by Jeremy Rifkin, president of the Foundation on Economic Trends * * The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World by Jeremy Rifkin, president of the Foundation on Economic Trends 3. Intel Confidential 1951 First Commercial Computer (Ferranti Mark 1) 1959 Integrated Circuit is patented (Noyce/Kilby) 196 9 ARPANET (internet forerunner) 1971 First microprocessor (Intel 4004) 1997 registered 1983 First IBM PC compatible laptops 2003 Intel Centrino. WiFi Hot spots. Broadband 2004 Facebook launched 1991 Tim Berners Lee publishes World Wide Web 2007 iPhone launched 2010 iPad launched, other Android tablets follow 1950 1955 1960 1965 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 if the Internet were a movie wed still be in the opening credits Rate of Change Will Approach Light Speed 2012 Embedded Intelligence in CITIES 4. Intel Confidential 1. Big Data Volume, Velocity, Variety &amp; Value 7.9 ZB* by 2015 3x more bits in digital universe than stars in the physical universe 450 Billion* Business transactions per day by 2020 (IDC) $600 Bn* Potential value to US healthcare 90% of Data* In the world was created in the last 2 years. 100 years* Worth of video uploaded to YouTube every 10 days &gt;5 Billion* People calling, texting, tweeting &amp; browsing on cell phones How Will Businesses Manage a 50x Data Growth by 2020 in an Affordable Way? Therapies tailored to a persons genome Decoding the human genome: From 10 years to hours On track to hit 3B connected users by 20151 Up to 2x or $27B in additional data center power costs by 2015 &gt;11x increase in mobile data traffic by 20154 2X Growth in information every two years2 Private Public 2. Cloud Computing That Old Thing Open Clouds: Interoperable, Built on Open, Multi-vendor Solutions and Industry Standards FEDERATED AUTOMATED CLIENT AWARE 6. Intel Confidential 3. SECURITY Big Data Cloud Internet of Things Client Continuum SECURITY Cybercrime is a ~$1 Trillion Industry Risk: Loss of Intellectual Property, Loss of Brand, Loss of Trust Big Scale attacks Crime as a Service Below the OS Ransom-ware Mobile Malware &gt;15Bn Attack Surfaces by 2020 7. Intel Confidential 7 4. The Internet of Things END TO END ANALYTICS INTELLIGENT SYSTEM OF SYSTEMS INTELLIGENT DEVICES Solutions from device to cloud to deliver end-to-end customer value Billions of intelligent devices sharing data and securely, supporting legacy and new environments Deliver Intelligence where needed to acquire and filter data securely 8. Intel Confidential Mobile Home Industrial Network Infrastructure The INTERNET of THINGS Devices that are connecting to the internet, integrating greater compute capabilities, and using data analytics to extract meaningful information. COMPUTE ECONOMICS PERVASIVE CONNECTIVITY BIG DATA AND ANALYTICS 9. Intel Confidential Enabling the IoT for 30 years Retail Sector Retail Mobility Responsive Store Personalized Shopping IVI Advanced Driving Self-Driving Automotive Sector CONNECTED MANAGED SECURED DATA ANALYTICS SAFETY Focused Segments Energy Gaming Imaging DSS Mil/Aero Health System Consolidation Secure &amp; Trusted Data Optimized Factory Manufacturing Sector Comms Sector Workload Consolidation SDN/NFV Small Cell Storage Sector ISA Libraries Scale Out Home Sector Gateways Cable RDK 10. Internet of Things Opportunity Internet of Things Solutions 50BDevices 20201 15B Devices 2015 2B Devices 2006 85% of deployed systems are unconnected, do not share data with each other or the cloud. * New devices are being added every day In 2013, .5 Billion non- personal devices were added to the network. * * Source: Chetan Sharma Consulting, IMS 11. Intel Confidential Internet of Things Opportunity Internet of Things Solutions Solutions for Every Point in the IoT: We have industry leading products spanning from devices to the cloud, enabling rapid deployment of end to end IoT Solutions Things: Personal devices Cars, Home automation Manufacturing equip ... Gateways: Home: Puma Industrial: Moon Island Network: ONP: Open Networking Platform NFV: Network Function Virtualization Cloud Intel Data Center Manager Intel Data Platform Software Defined Infrastructure Services &amp; Solutions API Management API Orchestration Intel Express Gateway &amp; Tokenization Intel Security Solutions Wind River Systems INDUSTRIAL GATEWAY NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURETHINGS DATA CENTER/ CLOUD 12. 12 INTELLIGENT SYSTEM OF SYSTEMS A family of gateway solutions starting with Intel Quark SoC X1000 and Intel Atom E3800 processor families Integrated, validated solution with McAfee and Wind River Working with ecosystem to develop development kits and reference boards Launch in 1H14 Intelligent IoT Gateway System of Systems Middleware Edge Analytics Data Acquisition Security Open Architecture for Ecosystem Apps and Services Enable seamless interfaces Ensure interoperability between edge systems Secure and federate data between cloud and edge for analytics IoT Gateway Products 13. Intel Confidential INDUSTRY ANALYST SUMMIT 2014 SAIA Trucking wanted a solution to: Connect the vehicles siloed systems Optimize driver behavior and fuel Provide fleet wide data to HQ 14. Intel Confidential INDUSTRY ANALYST SUMMIT 2014 Impact: Intel technology enabled Vnomics to provide SAIA a complete solution: Managing all of their inventory holistically Increasing their trucks efficiency via routes and preventative maintenance Providing a cleaner and safer environment for SAIA drivers Increasing ROI 15. Intel Confidential Sensed Data &gt; Social Media 16. Intel &amp; Cloudera Strategic Partnership CDH to be Performance-optimized for Intel Architecture Support for Intel CPUs, Ethernet, SSD, security &amp; future technologies CDH as the Hadoop Distribution of choice Largest strategic shareholder in Cloudera Joint commitment to open source enabling Deliver Faster Insights, Dramatic Cost Efficiency &amp; Easy To Deploy </p>