Big Data: The Next Big Thing

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1. The Next Big Thing!Big data is a popular term used to describe the exponential growth and avaitabilit of data,both structure and unstructured. 2. lg go rom ocio eio Facelaozk has Linkedin has 300 Million MillionDaily Active UsersTwitter has 500 Million 2 5Active MembersOver6 Billion Hours of video are watched each Month on YoutubeTweets per/ dayEVERY DAY,wE CREATE QIIINTILLION BYTES OF DATAAs a number,that is:2,500,000,000,000,000,000 bytes Big Doro MorkervolueBig Data Ma(r$| ietForecas,5V3-" 0 2011-2111:;us Billions/0 OF THE WORLD'S DATA WAS CREATED IN THE LAST TNO$7 YEARS ALONE. 3. {H IE y y.y p:imiy 1E y iv pr liver the nextlll years,the/ .7 r, ._T,y H ( 1) Internet at Everything (loE) C i E V1 I T *WIII generate =~ Trillion 1 value for the ' Private sector .A 6 | || II|0ll I ' " in value for the Public sector OF THE 554-6 TR"-I-ION or THE TOTAL GLOBAL '" be the '5. .f BENEFITS will accrue .1. 1 'ab. "'P'd"*'V"Y at the individual city oi lull 9a'"5' level - areas like Water, WW Gas and Waste Int in management,Public transport,Smart Parking,Smart Street lighting. Source:http: //www. davy. ie/X ' I