BL43: Building Your Business Brand On LinkedIn

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  1. 1. See How Partners Maximize LinkedIn
  2. 2. Session Objectives @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  3. 3. The Value Prop
  4. 4. The Big Three Network Dynamics Who I am as a professional Highlighting my experiences and career Social Professional aspirations Professional activities Who am I as a person Ways of sharing lifeexperiences andbelonging to a tribeBroadcast Friends based activities This is what I am thinking My voice to the world Without any context other than what I choose@katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  5. 5. 16 122+ MillionMillionMembers11+Decision MakersMillion6+Ownersand VPs 2.9+MillionDirectorsMillionCxOs
  6. 6. The Context Platform ConnectionsKiller AppStatus, Friends, Family &Social UtilitySocial Gaming &Colleagues Photo Sharing Public Fans & Real-timeCommunications Followers Micro-bloggingProfessional Colleagues & BusinessProfessional Identity,Network Contacts Connections & Insights@katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  7. 7. The Era of the Social SalesProfessionalReputationRelevance Relationships @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  8. 8. Transform Your Career and Business Identity Rolodex, Resume,Connect, find and be found Business Card LinkedIn Profile, Address Book, Search Insights Newspapers, Be great at what you do Trade Magazines, Events Homepage, LinkedIn Today, Groups Everywhere Work wherever our members work Desktop Mobile, APIs, Plug-Ins@katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  9. 9. Build Your Professional Profile
  10. 10. Your Reputation Starts Here@katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  11. 11. And Is Fueled By This@katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  12. 12. First Impressions Are Everything@katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  13. 13. Tips: Enhance Your Personal Brand Be Creative & Natural@katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  14. 14. Utilize Endorsements
  15. 15. Get RecommendedIf youve added value to others, they will reciprocate @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  16. 16. Tips: Seeking Recommendations @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  17. 17. Leverage LinkedIn Groups
  18. 18. See How Newsgator Utilizes Groups @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  19. 19. Network Expansion, Insights &LeadsIndustry Connectedness 1stDegree CXO Connections @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  20. 20. Tips: How to Best Utilize Groups@katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  21. 21. Maximize Company Pages
  22. 22. AvePoint @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  23. 23. @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  24. 24. Tips: Building Effective CompanyPages@katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  25. 25. Exploit Premium Accounts
  26. 26. Power of Premium @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  27. 27. Tips: Exploit Premium Accounts @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  28. 28. Utilize Self-Serve Ads
  29. 29. Pay-per-click Advertising Ads appear on prominent pages on LinkedIn Reach over 100 millionprofessionals on LinkedIn Highly-targeted advertisingallows you to reach an exactaudience Self-service online managementinterface Ads are shown throughout theLinkedIn site Pay per click (CPC) Real-time auction-based adsystem Formerly called LinkedInDirectAds@katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  30. 30. Tips: Utilizing LinkedIn Ads @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  31. 31. Case Study
  32. 32. How Innovative-e Utilizes LinkedIn @katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  33. 33. Questions? Tillman Dux Raymond Sy@katlen @meetdux
  34. 34. Creating LinkedIn Ads@katlen @meetdux #BL43 #wpc12
  35. 35. LinkedIn Ads Case Study:uTest generates 50% of its paid leadsLinkedIn is our most cost-effective inboundmarketing channel. It is increasingly critical to ourbusiness-Matt Johnston, VP of Marketing at uTestWhy LinkedIn Most effective way to target and reach a professional, sophisticated audience People are in a "work" state of mind, not casually surfing the web Easy to re-use online ads from other systemsResults Nearly 20% of total inbound leads from LinkedIn 50% of paid inbound leads come from LinkedIn On par with paid search on a cost-per-lead basis Hundreds of qualified leads each month
  36. 36. Step 1: Create an ad through an onlineinterface 50x50 Pixel Image Headline & DescriptionVisible URLLinkedIn Member or Any Company Create and test up to 15 ad variations per campaign Depending on placement, some ads will appear without the image on one single or two lines Get reports on clicks to your ad as well as clicks to your LinkedIn member or Company page
  37. 37. Step 2: Select your target audience GeographyNewish! IndustryCompanies by name Company size Newish!Job Title Job FunctionJob FunctionNewish!Seniority LinkedIn GroupsGenderAge
  38. 38. New from 2011: 3 Targeting OptionsNewish!Newish!Target by Job TitleNarrow your audience to people ofcertain job titles.Newish!Target by LinkedIn GroupsChoose from thousands of interest-based andprofession-based groups.
  39. 39. Step 3: Set budget and bids Example Target AudienceNumber of MembersExample Bid Corporate Executives at Large Enterprises711,974$2.81 per click Owners of Small and Medium Size Businesses 497,129$2.71 per click All LinkedIn Members in the U.S. Over 43 million$2.62 per click Campaign Minimums: $10/day daily budget, $2 minimum CPC bid After you select your target audience, LinkedIn Ads will show you a Suggested Bid Range
  40. 40. Step 4: Track results and optimize Online campaign management and reporting interface View reports showing your clicks, impressions, and costs Compare click-thru-rates of your ad variations
  41. 41. LinkedIn Ads - FAQsA: Companies in the following industries are seeing success: Software, Internet, Telecommunications, Financial Services,Higher Education, Recruiting, Business Services, Pharmaceuticals, and Event Management.A: No, certain inventory is allocated to LinkedIn Ads campaigns and these campaigns compete against each other basedon bid and ad qualityA: LinkedIn Ads requires a credit card for billing. At this time, we only provide monthly invoicing to advertisers who meet acertain spending threshold: $3,000 spend per month for 2 consecutive months.A: Small text ads. You have the option to include an image. Some placements will display the image along with the text.A: No, certain placements on highly-visible pages are allocated to LinkedIn Ads advertisers and advertisers compete in areal-time auction for those spots.