BlackBerry 10 Core Native Camera API

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  • 1. Native BB10 Camera API@stevenbeeckman27 February 2013

2. Why? 3. Computer Vision 4. OptionsDIY: low-level Tesseract (cfr BBJam AMS) Vision: OpenCV 5. OpenCV & Momentics Get the OpenCV port for BlackBerry from OpenCV/ Get the OpenCV build from lewellyn: touch libopencv_core.a 6. OpenCV & MomenticsChange your, add stuff toEXTRA_INCVPATH (include files fromBlackBerry OpenCV port)EXTRA_LIBVPATH (point to binarylib files from lewellyn) &LIBS 7. OpenCV & MomenticsAdd to your bar-descriptor.xml assets.Build!Run!Open an SSH session and do pidin -pHelloOpenCV mem and see is loaded. 8. Open sourced it HelloOpenCV 9. Native C Camera API because of the not so gooddocumentation 10. Aaaaaand ACTION! 11. FaceFilter