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Mobile Marketing Company - www.mocolive.com offer bulk sms, voice, sms ads, short, long and qr code for individual and corporate clients.


  • 1. Complete Solution of Mobile Marketing

2. Bulk SMS Marketing is useful for all types of businesses, especially in targeting the local customers. With the help of Bulk SMS advertising you can increase your sale by 200% in just a couple of days. Bulk SMS Marketing service is excellent for promoting as well as in communicating with the customers and conveying a brand message or to develop strong brand awareness among the mass. 3. A Short Code (also known as short numbers) is a five digit number provided by mobile operators on which users can send SMS's. The general idea behind short codes is that they are easier to remember and hence, solicit more responses than regular numbers, and let users interact with companies. 4. Long Codes works with keyword, keyword is a unique word which is assigned to the long code number, when your customers send an SMS from any mobile with a specific keyword given by you, they will get an automatic reply which is set by you. In addition to automatic reply, by enabling URL forwarding you can customize the reply and information's also can be fetched from your remote database too based on the Keyword & Sub- Keywords. 5. MoCoLive is a leading mobile marketing and communication solutions company for individual and enterprise clients worldwide. 6. Bulk sms software, Bulk sms solution, Code service, Short Code, Long Code, QR Code, Sms api with gateway, qr code generator, sms gateway software , mobile advertising 7. Short Code ServiceLong Code Service 8. We are looking forward to hear from you ! You can send us your request for an offer. support@mocolive.com sales@mocolive.com


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