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  • 1. 1) What does the above phrase referring to? 2) What do we need so that we can do/get more things with less? DOING MORE WITH LESS The Answer is TECHNOLOGY The Answer is TECHNOLOGY Office of the Future
  • 2. 3 Topic Outcome At the end of this chapter, students should be able to: Recognize how the emergence of technology impacts the business operation and its stakeholders.
  • 3. Ethics & Technology Technological advancement often deliver new & improved functional capabilities of business before we have had to fully consider the implications of those improvements. Dramatic changes in workplace technology over the last 2 decades specifically desktop computing, the internet, and the growth of email and instant messaging offers ease of access, ease of use, and the increased worker productivity.
  • 4. Impacts of IT Technology Over Workplace/Workpractice Impacts of IT Technology Mobile Workforce Manage by Outcome vs. Manage by Attendance Virtual Office Faster Access to Info at Realtime Ability to work away from office Work from Home Hybrid Virtual Team Pay for Output e.g. Performance Complexity in evaluate perf. & motivation Social Networking The Future of Work
  • 5. Issues on Application of IT Technology on Business Blogs Spam Selling Personal Details Freeware Porno- graphy Facebook -a-holic Phishing YouTube? How to Hack Facebook Got Fired coz Facebook Art of Phishing
  • 6. Ethical Issues on Scientific Breakthrough Bio- technology & Stem Cell Human Genome Genetically Engineered Foods Bio Weapon Cloning
  • 7. Issues 1. Can employer (manager/supervisor) access and see the PC screen of employee without their approval or knowledge? (The purpose is to check if they are abusing the Internet facility or doing personal stuffs while at work). If the employee come to know about it, can he/she make a complain for violating their right for privacy?
  • 8. Issues (cont.) 2. Recruitment through Social Networking is getting popular nowadays. If an employer access the candidates Facebooks profile before calling them for interview, is this an allowable business practice?
  • 9. Issues (cont.) 3. Is Low-Cost Carriers really mean low price? Or do those airlines force passengers to pay the costs to passenger in a nice manner? Ryan Air Cheap Flight
  • 10. Issues (cont.) 4. Where did the developed countries dumped their obsolete technology gadgets? Where are the backdoor for these obsolete technology? Toxic Technology