Case Studies for moving apps to the cloud - DLD 2013

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  • 1. Four Case Studies for Moving Mission Critical Apps to the Cloud

2. Enterprises are moving to Cloud 26%In 2 yearsBUT.. So far only44% 16.B$in 5 yearsin Saving5%able to migrate successfully 3. Current Approaches IaaS First- Its the apps stupid! CM Tools (Chef, Puppet, etc.) - Setup Only, but apps are a living organism PaaS - Good for new, relatively simple apps 4. Reality Check.. 5. My Cloud is Better than Your Cloud! 6. Cloud Maturity 7. Cloud Is Evolving .. Cope With It!VirtualizationPublic CloudPrivate CloudHybrid, Open Cloud 8. Cloud Is Evolving .. Cope With It! 9. Bring AppManagement and InfrastructureManagement Together 10. App Centric Devops the AWS way Cloudify provide the equivalent of Amazon OpsWork on OpenStack 11. Migrating apps the Cloudify way 1Upload your recipe2Cloudify creates VMs & installs agents3Agents install and manage your app4Cloudify automates monitoring, healing and scaling 12. 1. Moving from existing Data Center to the CloudCloud Driver Existing Data CenterOpenStack Cloud 13. Enterprise Private Cloud To 100 Investment Bank Industry: Banking Primary Challenge: Cloud-enable thousands of application (in and out-facing) and on board then to the Bank private cloud environment in a cost efficient mannerSolution: Leverages Cloudify and Puppet as a foundation for the self-service configuration, deployment and on going management and scaling of a range of applications in the bank, on top of Bank existing private cloud infrastructure Results: So far a few tens of applications converted, with plans to expand the offering to a few hundreds of apps by the end of the year Copyright 2013 GigaSpaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved 14. 2. Carrier Grade Cloud 15. Carrier cloud: Alcatel-LucentIndustry: TelecommunicationsWith Cloudify we have a solid foundation for our carrier grade PaaS offering and the realization of our vTelco visionPrimary Challenge: Build a carrier grade PaaS offering that can a wide range of mission critical legacy Telco apps and services on top the Alcatel-Lucent CloudBand Cloud infrastructure productSolution: Leverages Cloudify as a foundation for the configuration, deployment and on going management and scaling of a wide range of Telco services Results : CloudBand is Alcatel-Lucents flagship product for next generation Telco services, and is in advanced deployment stages in a few major carriers across the globe Copyright 2013 GigaSpaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved 16. 3. BigData On OpenStack Cloud 17. Moving Big Data to the Cloud To Tier System Integrator Industry: IT services (Business Intelligence & Analytics) Primary Challenge: Provide BI and analytics for big data, as a service for enterprise customers, based on an IBM stack.Solution: Leverages Cloudify and Chef to automate the deployment and management of complete IBM BI stack (including WebSphere & Cognos) for each of their customers on top of the OpenStack based RackSpace cloud Current Status: Going to production in 2 months, most of the recipes already implemented and beta tested Copyright 2013 GigaSpaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved 18. 4. Multi Cloud DR 19. Case Study: VErifi Technology-based concrete process control and information service Deployments across North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe for nearly a decade Part of W.R. Grace & Co , $6.3 B Company. The problem: On-Demand HA/DR over multiple Cloud regions. High AvailabilityData Replication19Disaster Recovery 20. Putting it All Together: Application Centric Approach Be ready to accept changes as they happen.. Automation First Decouple the Application from the infrastructure Use Plug-In approach to plug the right cloud for the Job 21. Thank You!