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Presentation on POCKET for the JISC CETIS/OpenLearn OER event on 27 February 09.

Text of CETIS/OpenLearn presentation

  • 1. Developing Open Content:The POCKET experienceSarah Darley, Learning Technologist CETIS / OpenLearn27 February 2009

2. Project Overview JISC funded 18 month project to March 2009under the Repositories and PreservationProgramme POCKET aims to build upon the OpenLearnapproach by extending it to other HEIs Brings together 4 partner institutions to explorethe potential of Open Content for HEIs, both asproviders of it and as users 3. Project Partners 4. 5. Business and Sustainability 6. Customer Service Skills 7. Videos on Blackboard 8. International Economic Law 9. University of Bolton 10. New Partners 11. Content Development /cdk/xmlkit/process-guide 12. Thanks for listening! Any questions? POCKET website: POCKET materials: Presentation slides available from: