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<ul><li> 1. CETPA InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. TRAINING|DEVELOPMENT|CONSULTANCYPROPOSAL For On Campus Training ProgramAt Your CollegeSubmitted byCETPA INFOTECH PVT. LTD.(An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company)We Believe in quality because knowledge mattersBecause Knowledge Matters ISO 9001: 2008 Certifiedwww.cetpainfotech.comA Relationship of Trust1</li></ul><p> 2. CETPA InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.TRAINING|DEVELOPMENT|CONSULTANCYTable of ContentContents Page No.1. CETPA Proposal for the Training Programs ..32. Proposed Training Programs...43. How to Start the Batch &amp;Requirements for Running the Training Program .64. Terms and Conditions .............................75. Fee Details and Mode of Payment ..86. CETPA Profile......97. CETPAs Clients 108. CETPAs Collaboration......139. Contact Us.......15www.cetpainfotech.com A Relationship of Trust2 3. CETPA InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.TRAINING|DEVELOPMENT|CONSULTANCY Proposal for Training Program @ College CampusDear Madam/Sir,Firstly, accept our heartfelt greetings.As you know CETPA is a renowned Engineers Training organization, well known for providing qualityeducation in advance fields such as .NET, J2EE, VHDL, Autocad, CATIA, Embedded System, Matlab,Oracle, C, Campus Recruitment Preparation. Currently, these are the hottest and largest job-providingsectors. With reference to the same, we wish to start training programs in these fields at your college campus.Students from your college may be well placed in the market, but by getting professional training in the courseslike these, they will definitely get an edge.CETPA has already run different On Campus Training Programs at STEP, IIT Roorkee, Sri BalajiCollege Jaipur, Jind Institute of Engg, Jind, Babu Banarsi Das College Lucknow, KNIT Sultanpur,Kumaon Engineering College Almora, Ideal Institute of Technology Ghaziabad, Moradabad Institute ofTechnology Moradabad, Birla Institute of Applied Science Bhimtal, Rakshapal Bahadur ManagementInstitute Bareilly, Bundelkhnad University Jhansi and many others.Though these courses cost around Rs. 15,000 each in the market, being technology promotion association,CETPA is providing them at a very reasonable fee (enclosed herein). In this training we will acquaint studentsabout the concerned field, and will provide them Course book, CD (having assistance for job) &amp; Lab Material.At the end of training, CETPA will certify each student.For starting the training program, a free of cost seminar may be delivered at your campus. After the seminar, ifour terms &amp; conditions (enclosed herein) are fulfilled, campus training program would be started after obtainingyour confirmation.We look forward to your kind cooperation in our attempt and will wait for your reply. Thanking you inanticipationVIKAS KALRATechnical Marketing DirectorCETPA InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.Address: C-24, Sector-2, NoidaMob: 09212468020Direct Phone: 0120-3060557Office Phone: 0120-3060555, 56Email: vikaskalra@cetpainfotech.comWebsite: http://www.cetpainfotech.comToll Free Number: 1800-102-4262 (From any network)www.cetpainfotech.com A Relationship of Trust3 4. CETPA InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. TRAINING|DEVELOPMENT|CONSULTANCYProposed Training ProgramsCETPA is proposing the following training programs for the students of your college. This is the basicdescription of the training programs.TrainingDuration Major Topics Who can join? Concerned FieldProgram Covered.NET50 Hrs. C# .NET Information Technology Website Development(A platform ofEngineers(Static and Dynamic)Excellence) ASP .NETComputer Science Engineers Web ApplicationsMaster in Computer Mobile Applications,ADO .NETApplication Students,Any type of WindowsOr any professional want toApplication.do the web and windows Networking Protocols.developmentVHDL40 Hrs. Description ofComputer Science Engineers Designing of various(Think Inside Language, Electronics Engineerstype of Chips likethe Box)Modeling Styles,Electronics andMicrocontroller,MicroprocessorCommunication Engineersmicroprocessor,ArchitectureElectronics Instrumentation, Peripheral ControllersDesign, Synthesis Electrical Engineering , etcand Simulations,Electrical &amp; Electronics Designing of ASICsIntroduction to Engineering Students (Application SpecificFPGA and VariousOr anyone who want to do IC)types of FPGA etc the designing of chip andDevelopment of Newmicroprocessor/Embedded Productsmicrocontroller /ASICEmbedded40 Hrs. Introduction to Computer Science Engineers Development ofSystemEmbedded System Electronics EngineersMicrocontroller based(Next Orbit of8051 Architecture Electronics andSystem.Engineering ALPs for MCS 51 Communication EngineersWriting EmbeddedExcellence) familyElectronics Instrumentation, SoftwareInterfacing of I/OElectrical Engineering , Designing variousDevices,Electrical &amp; Electronics Interfacing CardsEmbedded CEngineeringDesigning of Robots.Introduction to Electro Mechanical Data LoggersRTOSEngineering Students Electronics GadgetsJ2EE40 Hrs. Introduction to Information Technology Server side internet(Flag bearerJ2EEEngineersprogramming.Technology of Overview of Core Java Computer Science EngineersInternetJDBCMaster in Computer Network programming.www.cetpainfotech.com A Relationship of Trust 4 5. CETPA InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. TRAINING|DEVELOPMENT|CONSULTANCYProgramming) Java ServletsApplication Students, JSPOr any professional Weblogic Serverinterested in server side webprogramming.CATIA 40 Hrs.Introduction toMechanical Engineers Designing of various(Design your CATIACivil engineerstypes of solidsthoughts)Sketcher workArchitecturesIn automobile benchOr any professional want toengineering Solid modeling do designing with computer Manufacturing field Surfacingaided designingDesigning of house, big Draftingbuilding Assembly of Drafting of domestic productscommodity such as ice tray, etcC Lang. 40 Hrs.Complete featuresEngineering Students All Complete Details(Engineersof the language as belonging to any branchWith Basic C conceptsfirst need)in C89 standardBCA/MCA Students and also the Complete Features added inOr any professional who canDetails with all features C99 standard see a bright future in the field of C. Graphics in Cof programming. Application ofTest Series specially features of C indesigned for interviews. areas like Animation, Games, Programming. CampusAptitude SkillsEngineering Students Preparation of various Recruitment Group Discussion belonging to any branchlevels in Aptitude Test Preparation 40 Hrs. InterviewBCA/MCA Students and details of Group(Industry FirstPreparationOr any professional who canDiscussion andRequirement)see a bright future in the field Preparation of Interviewof programming of various typesNote: 1. The Possible training program conducted in your college campus depends upon the branchesavailable in the College. As .NET &amp; J2EE belongs to same stream i.e. CS/IT/MCA, hence seminar willbe delivered only on one topic, out of .NET &amp; J2EE. Similar is the case with other technologies.www.cetpainfotech.com A Relationship of Trust 5 6. CETPA InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.TRAINING|DEVELOPMENT|CONSULTANCY How to Start the BatchFor starting of the batch following steps are required. 1. First CETPA will conduct free of cost Seminars on the specified fields in the college campus.a. For that the college administration has to inform CETPA via e-mail, Fax or by a letter at ouroffice.b. The date of seminar will be decided after the discussion with college administration. 2. For the seminar there must be proper information to the students from the college side. There must be atleast 100 students for the seminar to be conducted. 3. The requirements for the Seminar are following:a. Seminar Room of capacity 150 Studentsb. LCD Projectorc. Two Microphones(One for the Experts and the other for Students) Content of Seminar: i. Introduction of the Concerned Filed ii. Detailed Description of the Field iii. Market Prospectus of the selected field iv. Q&amp;A session The purpose of the seminar is to inform the students about the concerned field and its market Scenario.CETPA will receive the first installment of the fee from the college if and only if the students are satisfied. 4. After that college administration can take the feedback from the students, the interested students canregister themselves in the course by depositing Rs 500/- as registration fee (included in the fee given inthis proposal). This registration is to be done by the college. College administration will keep thecollected fee with them. After the registration the college will send the list of interested students toCETPA office. 5. Finally the Dates of the Training Program will be decided after the Discussion with the collegeadministration and then CETPA will start the training program. Requirements for Running the Training Program at the College CampusCETPA provides training to the students in the advance fields which require special concentration from thestudents. So for the class room and Lab, here are some requirements from our side in the benefit of students.Because both CETPA and college administration care to the students 1. Seminar Room/Class Room equipped with the LCD Projector or OHP Projector. 2. Microphone and Speaker. 3. Computer Lab of 50 Nodes.( Actual figure depends on No. of Students and the fields selected)www.cetpainfotech.comA Relationship of Trust6 7. CETPA InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. TRAINING|DEVELOPMENT|CONSULTANCY 4. Boarding and Lodging for CETPA Experts. 5. Timing of the class will be decided after proper discussion with College Administration.Terms and ConditionsThe terms and condition are described here for the training program, so that there should be transparencybetween CETPA and college administration. 1. CETPA will send Experts for the training in the college campus. 2. A course manager will be there from our side who will deal in all the matters with the college administration on behalf of CETPA. All the communication between CETPA and the College would be facilitated by the Course Manager. 3. Total No of Experts can vary depending on the no. of students. 4. CETPA will provide the necessary resources like S/W and other related kit if not present in the college. 5. Training Kits will also be provided to the students. Our training kit include following a. Course Book b. Compact Disk containing the course material. 6. During the training a project would be undertaken that would be completed by the students. 7. After completion of the training program certificates will be awarded by CETPA. 8. Generally the certificates are awarded after the completion of the training program but if there is some delay then they will be awarded within fifteen days of the completion of the course. 9. We also welcome students for the live projects running at our concern CETPA InfoTech Private Ltd. -Roorkee (Deals in Message Display Boards, Moving Message Displays, Token Display System, Web Solutions, Software Development, Professional Logo Designing, Tuning Services, Website maintenance.) 10. Finally a MOU will be signed for the training program after discussion with the college administration. 11. All disputes are subjected to the Roorkee Judiciary.If any student is not satisfied with the training, then by giving logical reason for the same and before completion of 20 % of Course, he/she can take his/her course fee back.www.cetpainfotech.comA Relationship of Trust 7 8. CETPA InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. TRAINING|DEVELOPMENT|CONSULTANCY FEE DETAILSThe Fees Details for the course are described here. As far as fee is concerned you know very well that courseslike Embedded System, .NET, J2EE and VHDL are very high in demand as well as very highly priced in themarket. In the market generally the fee for these courses is above Rs. 15000/-. CETPA is not a private companybut it is an association which is working for the benefit of the students. We provide training at very reasonablerates and the quality of education is of course up to the mark. So, here are the fee details for complete trainingprogram. S. No.CourseCourse NameCourse Fee per studentCourse Fee per student Code (If no. of students are (If no. of students are morebetween 30 to 50) than 50) 1.ESEmbedded SystemRs. 4500/-Rs. 4000/- 2.NET .NET Rs. 4500/-Rs. 4000/- 3.VHVHDL Rs. 4500/-Rs. 4000/- 4.J2EEJ2EE Rs. 4500/-Rs. 4000/- 5.CATIA CATIARs. 4500/-Rs. 4000/- 6.CL C LanguageRs. 3000/-Rs. 2500/- 7.CRP Campus Recruitment Rs. 3000/-Rs. 2500/- ProgramNote:1. The minimum strength of students required to run the On Campus Training Program is 30 students per technology.2. Registration amount is added in the mentioned fee.3. Service Tax 10.30% will be extra on above course fee.4. Food &amp; Lodging Facility for CETPA Experts during training will be provided by College.Mode of Payment:CETPA will receive the payment as follows:a. College will be responsible for collecting the course fee from students and keeping it with itself.b. Before starting of the training program a Registration Fees of Rs. 500 per student will be paid to CETPA that will deduct from total fee.c. After two days of the Training Program if students are satisfied only then 50% payment will be given to CETPA.d. After completion of half the course, Balance payment will be given to CETPA.www.cetpainfotech.com A Relationship of Trust 8 9. CETPA InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.TRAINING|DEVELOPMENT|CONSULTANCY COMPANY PROFILEEstablished: 2002Head office: Roorkee India Branches: Noida and Lucknow Overseas Branches: Germany, UkraineWe Believe in quality because knowledge matterswww.cetpainfotech.com A Relationship of Trust9 10. CETPA InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.TRAINING|DEVELOPMENT|CONSULTANCYCETPA InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company deals in the field of SoftwareDevelopment, Embedded Products Development, Placement Consultancy and Engineers Training Programs.CETPA is the mission, which is working for the promotion of latest technologies in India and abroad. Toachieve our goal, we have made collaboration with a number of institutions and firms. CETPA deals in threedifferent domains, first is education, second is development and third is consultancy.CETPA Education:CETPA Education mainly deals in Engineers Training Programs in latest technologies for Engineering students,corporate and other professionals. Some of the technologies offered for training are .NET, VHDL, EmbeddedSystem, Advance Embedded System, CATIA, MATLAB, J2EE, Verilog HDL, Linux, AutoCAD, PCB &amp;Circuit Designing, and Personality &amp; Entrepreneurship Development.CETPA Consultancy:CETPA Consultancy helps to provide jobs for different fields students and professionals. CETPA consultancywas started to provide jobs to CETPA Certified students, who are made technologically strong by CETPA, arewell placed by CETPA Consultancy. Hence the fresher trained by us are well absorbed in companies.CETPA Development:CETPA development deals in software as well as embedded production development. In software domains,CETPA offers customized software products, web development, web hosting, search engine optimization andother related products. In embedded dom...</p>


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