Class 8: Startup Ideas

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<ul><li> 1. STARTUP IDEAS !Evaluating an idea, its market and its execution.Class #8 October 29, 2013</li></ul> <p> 2. START SMALLTHINK BIG ? 3. FRIGHTENINGLY AMBITIOUS A new search engine !Replace email !Disrupt universities ![insert your idea here] 4. THREE KEY FRAMEWORKS Problem-rst Where are the pain points? Keep a journal. Using technology to solve a common problem. Examples: Fetchnotes, Dropbox, Speech4Good, Mailbox!Market-rst What are the trends in the market? Do some market research. Addressing specic inefciencies within a larger/growing market. Examples: Uber, Boundless, HubSpot, AirBnB!Technology-rst What are the cutting edge technologies? Be an early adopter. GPS, near-eld communication, Bluetooth 4.0 Examples: Bump, Sonar, Robin, ! 5. LOOKING IN COMMON PLACES 6. Unbundling Whats your unique value proposition?MobileMessengerEventsNoticationsPhotos OAuth/PlatformPagesGroupsNews feedVideos PokeGraph Search Birthdays 7. For next week...Meet with Professor Goldstein for course registrationBegin nal project research/outline your topicComplete selected readings delivered via emailWrite 1 pg. double-spaced reection on an idea you may have 8. BE GREAT. HAVE A GOOD WEEK. </p>