Cloud Apps Survival Of The Fittest

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Short presentation to Barcamp Gold Coast 4 updating a previous talk.

Text of Cloud Apps Survival Of The Fittest

  • 1. A Dotdolfin Presentation
  • 2. Cloud AppsSurvival of the Fittest
  • 3. Mission Still the Same
  • 4. Microsoft Cloud
    Steve Balmer at Uni of Washington, Computer Science Deptthis week
    The cloud - the gift that keeps on giving:
    creates opportunities and responsibilities
    learns and helps you learn, decide and take action
    enhances your social and professional interactions
    wants smarter devices
    drives server advances that drive the cloud
    Fuels Microsoft and Microsoft fuels the cloud - 70% of Microsoft staff doing cloud-related activities
  • 5. 8 months ago
  • 6. Unchanged
  • 7. Wikis/Web Sites
  • 8. Live Mesh
  • 9. Skydrive
  • 10. Notes
  • 11. Other Regular Cloud Apps