Cloud computing: An introduction

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This presentation gives a basic overview of cloud computing for the general computer user. It details some of the advantages and disadvantages of using cloud-based services to manage and backup data. In doing so, the presentation includes examples of syncing calendars across devices, backing up data to the Web, and using online office applications. This presentation was last given at the Bay Area Seniors Computer Club in October 2010.


  • 1.Cloud computing An introductionMatthew Buzzy NielsenAssistant Director, North Bend Public Library This presentation is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution United 10/01/2010States license. For more information, visit

2. You've got a computer 3. And you can do stuff on them Write documentsEdit photosManage your calendar 4. And normally that stuff is stored on your computer 5. But what if you want to access that info on a different computer? 6. Or a completely different device?Mobile phone 7. Or have some friendshelp you with them? Photo source: "computer updating" by Per Ola Wiberg on Flickr 8. Enter Cloud Computing 9. Cloud computing: Accessing computer services, files, or information via the Internet or a network rather than your individual computer. 10. The Internet is a network of computers talking to each other 11. By relying on The Cloud, you are relying on that network Image source: Sam Johnson, 12. Example of Cloud Computing: Web-based office programs 13. Typing a letter, on your computer 14. Or on the Internet can edit documents similar to using a wordprocessor on your computer. 15. Your friends can also help out 16. Create spreadsheets and presentations, too!There's even some surprisingfunctionality, like separate worksheets 17. You can even edit photos! 18. Demonstration: Editing a photo on 19. Cloud Computing, pros & consAdvantage #1: Available from any computer with Web access Disadvantage #1:Dependent on internet access (usually)Not dialup-friendly (usually) 20. Other Cloud-based office programsOfficeLive (office applications) Phixr (photo editor) PhotoShop Express (photo editor) 21. Example of Cloud Computing: Online document storage/backup 22. Backup important files to the Web 23. And do so automatically! 24. Tell Dropbox what to backup 25. And back them up online 26. Even accessible on the goDropbox can be accessed on mobile phones and any computer with Web access. 27. Demonstration: Uploading a file to Dropbox 28. Cloud Computing, pros & consAdvantage #2: You can backup files and information to a more reliable place than just your personal computerDisadvantage #2: You lose some degree of control, meaning that the security of your files depends on the security of the service you're using 29. Other Cloud-based backup programs FilesAnywhere Mozy 30. Example of Cloud Computing:Data managers 31. Calendaring across devices Enter an event in the calendarapplication on your home computer. (Example here: Sunbird) 32. Calendaring across devicesIt gets synced to an online service (Example here: Google Calendar) 33. Calendaring across devices And you can view it on other devices, like mobile phones (Example here: Android calendaring app) 34. Demonstration: Adding and syncing a contact 35. Lots of alternatives MobileMe: A popular paid alternative for Macs 36. Many types of data can be synced 37. Cloud Computing, pros & cons Advantage #3: Portability You can access your data across multiple applications and devices Disadvantage #3: Privacy Companies can monitor your informationfor business-related purposes (e.g. advertising) 38. Other Cloud-based services: Antivirus Cloud antivirus pulls virus protection files dynamically from the Web, ratherthan storing them on your computer 39. The gist: Cloud computing gives you an incredible amountof flexibility of your information by sacrificing some degree of control over it. 40. Questions?View this presentation on slideshare: This presentation was made using open source software.OpenOfficeChrome GIMP AndroidImpress Web browser Image editorMobilephone Presentation programoperating system


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