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  1. 1. Cloud ComputingCarrier CloudNEC CorporationGlen Morrison
  2. 2. Telcos at worldwide level are struggling to avoid raw networkcommoditization Traffic Decoupling Revenues do not follow traffic patterns enabling RevenuesTime Voice DataDominant Dominant 2NEC Confidential
  3. 3. Lets go through some key aspects of this new technology and the role expected for Carriers3 NEC Confidential
  4. 4. Indeed, Cloud Computing ismore about a newmodel 4NEC Confidential
  5. 5. Cloud Computing vs. Traditional IT Traditional Cloud Computing Computing Consumption Dedicated Shared Traditional hardwareEase of Useprocurement Self service New services addedScale on-demandScalabilitymanually Manual repair ofAutomated recovery due toAvailability system failureintegration / interoperableProvisioning MonthsMinutes Incremental CapEx Pay per useCost purchases Page 5 NEC Confidential
  6. 6. but they are claiming a key role in the new Digital Life era CommunicationsBusiness IT The Carriers Cloud 6NEC Confidential
  7. 7. Benefits for customerMarketplace SaaS allows customers to buy service moreeasily. ASP and Boutique SaaSMarket Place SaaS(New business model) CRMCRMGroupwareCRM vendorCRM vendorERP vendor Groupwarevendorvendor vendor vendor ISV AggregationSaaSCRMCRM e-learningCRMCRMGroupware ProviderDepartment Store ERPGroupware SaaS Marketplace Payment and contract are complicatedEnd Many variety of applications Difficult to find right Payment and engagement areUser applications simple Page 7 NEC Corporation 2009NEC Confidential
  8. 8. NEC Carrier Cloud Other Cloud Services..ResidentialDigital SignageGovernment Virtual Servers Large EnterpriseMedium Enterp. Virtual StorageSOHO / SMEs Virtual Windows Apps Carrier Cloud MarketplaceADSLWeb Based3GWindowsLTESmartPhoneCABLE iOS Android8
  9. 9. NEC Carrier Cloud: Revising conceptsPrivateInside the Public CloudEnterpriseCloud byCarrier Carrier Private Cloud Carrier Virtual CloudsPrivate CloudThe Internet Secure Link Public Clouds NEC Corporation 2011NEC ConfidentialNEC Confidential
  10. 10. NEC SaaS Platform key features and advantages To deploy any NEC SaaS Platform will integrate with infrastructures at CarrierCarrier Systems and ISVs.side To add/ modify LIMITED NEED FOR CAPEX NEC integrate its SaaS Platform withcomponents at CarrierCarrier existing Systems.InfrastructureNO NEEDTo integrate ISVs When adding applications. applications with Carrier NEC integrates ISVs apps in his Systems platform-available to Carrier-. For complex platform NEC deploys the Full Service to bedeployments, ISVsUp and Running in an average time negotiations, etc of 3 months. NEC SaaS platform integrates CarrierTo establish different IDs or existing IDs with ISVs applications for Credentials for customers Single Sign-On.NEC Confidential
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