Cloud computing security policy framework for mitigating denial of service attack

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It's all in the title.


<ul><li> 1. Cloud Controller Security Policy Framework for Mitigating Denial of Service Attack Authors : Manjunath S N.S. Anup Bharadwaj Venkatesh Prabhu K Muneshwara M.S Department of CSE BMS Institute of Technology </li></ul> <p> 2. Buzz of Cloud Computing 3. Computational Approach 4. Why Cloud Computing! 5. Three main Features of Cloud Computing Elastic Economies of Scale Pay as You Go 6. Security Issues in Cloud Computing 7. Flooding Sending huge amount of non-sense requests to server 8. Crawling Impersonate an authorized user 9. DoS Attack 10. Step Towards The SolutionSecurity Management Framework 11. Objectives of Proposed System To provide high-level security mechanisms Detecting malicious access in Cloud Storage Systems Implementing Security Management Framework 12. Proposed System Cloud controller Clients Virtual machine Cloud Infrastructure Malicious process 13. Requirements Software requirements OS : Windows XP/Vista Java, Sql, Servelets Hardware requirements Intel Pentium III Processor LAN / Internet Connection to Server machine TCP / IP networking between clients and server 14. Process Flow Diagram 15. Hardware Design 16. Software Design Portability Integrity Extensibility 17. System Implementation Implementation requirements. Selection of the platform (Operating System). Selection of the programming language for development of the application. Coding guideline to be followed. 18. Applications Cloud Storage for Video Surveillance 19. Applications Storing Medical Records in The Cloud 20. High level security mechanisms for cloud storage services. Detecting the malicious access in cloud storage systems. Experimentation is economical. Scaling is quick. Provides security against DOS attacks. The cloud resources are too expensive. The installation process takes more time. If the virtual machine goes down, entire system will shutdown. 21. Security for data access management is achieved by mitigating denial of service attack incorporating Security policies on cloud. We address this security problem in the proposed System by using cloud controller in a virtual machine where the data access management is controlled by blocking illegal data access on cloud. 22. Detection of various types of Attacks The limitations of our Security Management framework, with respect to the accuracy of the detection Develop the Trust Management component of the security management framework Study the impact management framework has on the Policy </p>


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