Cloud Migration: Moving to the Cloud

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A short View on Tools to Support a Migration and Decisions


  • 1. Cloud Migration A short View onTools to Support a Migration andDecisions

2. Agenda1. Motivation2. Approach3. Summary 3. Why Cloud?The Cloud has Success Stories!Animoto Slashdot-Effect requires ElasticityNew York Times Processing of enormous Tasks needs a vast amount ofResources 4. Exploiting the Cloud...implicates Planning & Decisions 5. DecisionThe Cloud offers many benefits, but involves risks! Low InvestmentsContra Infinite Resources Scalable Services Supports GreenIT Law Compliance Data Security Experts Internet Connection ... Mandatory Provider Lock-In No Standards or Interoperability ...Pro 6. Move to the Cloud?Evaluation of different AlternativesCloudHostingIn-House... considering multiple Factors. Cost Security Performance ReliabilitySupport 7. effort, customizable What Cloud Services? 8. Where in the (IaaS) Cloud?Cloud Provider BCloud Provider AApplicationApplication MigrationServer ? Service AServiceService AA Service B Service BFile Server Resource A Resource BWeb ServerService CService D 9. Which VM Image (IaaS)? 10. Which Cloud Service (IaaS)? 11. Agenda1. Motivation2. Approach3. Summary 12. CloudGenius Approachcyclic Process, continual & evolutionaryto incrementally migrateCloudGenius Migration:continual and evolutionaryModification and Reconsiderationof a Migration 13. CloudGenius Approach(MC2)2 Framework 14. (MC2)2 Framework: ProcessTo Cloud or not to Cloud?(MC2)2 allowsstep-wise Process to create anEvaluation method to assessdifferend IT InfrastructureAlternatives 15. (MC2)2 Framework: Evaluation requirementsEvaluation of alternativeIT Infrastructures withresulting Evaluation method thatfilters Alternatives by Multi-Criteria Decision-Requirements and assigns a selectedcriteriaMaking Method (AHP)normalized value according toCriteria using the AnalyticHierarchy Process (AHP) 1. Scenario 2 (234 pt)2. Scenario 1 (145 pt)3. ... 16. Aotearoa:Implementation of (MC ) 2 2 17. CloudGenius Approach Cloud Genius Migration Process 18. CloudGenius: Decisions in a MigrationrelatedComponent AComponent Binfluenceschoose Component C ...appliance VM images How to moveevaluation a multi-component Image A IT systemcomponent VM image?Image B Image C to the Cloud? requirementsdecision Multiple Decisionssoftware combined componentdecision involved component goals service decision ? providerserviceevaluationevaluation 19. CloudGenius:Migration Process 20. CloudGenius:Migration Process 21. CumulusGenius: wo Implementation of CloudGeniusrkin pCumulusGenius SuggesterGWTAotearoa EvaluationFrontend Componentro g Userre s UserCumulusGeniusPreferencesLogic sUser Data Collector RatingsImagesServicescurrentness of data?own benchmarks 22. Agenda1. Motivation2. Approach3. Summary 23. Summary Cloud Migration involves Decision-Making CloudGenius offers a Migration Process for thePublic Cloud (IaaS) CloudGenius uses (MC2)2 as a profoundDecision-Making Framework Prototype CumulusGenius is available soon 24. Summary CloudGenius CloudGenius offers an incremental,continual, evolutionary Migration of ITsystems to the Cloud: CloudGenius supports a Selection of VM Imagesand of Cloud Services CloudGenius allows Reconsideration of pastDecisions 25. Summary (MC2)2 (MC2)2 allows multi-criteria Evaluation (MC2)2 considers Requirements (MC2)2 supports complex Decision-MakingMethods (e.g., AHP) or simple ones (e.g.,Benefit-Function) 26. Contact MeFor Questions, Discussions,or Initiating Research Exchange:Michael MenzelResearch Center for Information Technology (FZI)Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)Englerstr. 1176131 KarlsruheEmail: