Cloud Visibility & Cloud Data Loss Prevention Approaches

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Cloud Visibility and Data Loss PreventionSteps to managing Shadow IT and lowering the risk of data loss in the cloud 2014 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. 2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved 2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. #1AgendaTrends and ChallengesMobile, Cloud, SocialNo visibility, unknown risksCloud Visibility and DLP StepsCloud application inventoryBlock risky cloudsCloud application consolidationUsing cloud security risk scoring and intelligence Compliance scanning and monitoringProactive data discovery in sanctioned cloudsSolution OverviewAbout CipherCloud 2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. #LANE SCRIPT:

2Trends and Challenges 2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. #3IT must play catch-up with users and business lines bring your own trendSeeing user activity across cloud applicationsMeasuring the risk profile of cloud applicationsUnderstanding what factors make cloud applications riskyConverting user activity and cloud risk factors into actionable intelligence

Trends Transforming EnterprisesMobileCloudSocial90% use public networks for work access100+ cloud apps per enterprise15+ passwords peremployee

Key concerns50% of Users BYOD67% LOB SanctionBYOA75% of Users want to BYOI

2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. #LANE SCRIPT: As many of you are aware enterprise IT organizations are facing disruptive trends, driven by users and business units adopting their own mobile devices, cloud applications and social networks to increase productivity and ease of use. This Shadow IT trend creates visibility gaps for IT and introduces unknown risks including the breach of sensitive data that resides on a device, is moved to a cloud application or shared via social networks without IT s knowledge. The bottom line is organizations cant manage and protect what they cant see.

Key concerns enterprises have when discussing Shadow IT are:

- Seeing user activity across cloud applications- Measuring the risk profile of cloud applications- Understanding what factors make cloud applications risky- Converting user activity and cloud risk factors into actionable intelligence


Apps and People on the Move = No Visibility, Unknown Risks



User adopted and mission critical applications increasingly reside outside the enterprisenarrowing visibility and introducing unknown cloud computing risksOn-siteapplicationsIT Staff


Home-based UsersSaaS

Mobile UsersIaaS/PaaS

2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. # 2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. #LANE SCRIPT:

And as business applications and infrastructure services move outside the enterprise the ability for IT to understand potential risks and maintain visibility narrows.

5Cloud Visibility and DLPApproaches 2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. #LANE SCRIPT:

Lets review the some basic steps your organization can take to increase cloud application visibility and lower the risk of data loss.

6Step 1: Cloud Application InventoryChallengeEasy for users to adopt multiple cloud applicationsIT cant see who is doing whatWhat applications are used?How many users access each app?What is the level of activity?Maintain security of sensitive logsBlock high risk clouds

Aggregates log analysis across all locations and devicesMultiple log formats from multiple sourcesContinuous and automated scheduling of log scansLogs files never leave enterpriseDiscovers all cloud applicationsTracks relevant user and activity patternsGenerate blocking scripts

CipherCloud Approach

2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. # 2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. #LANE SCRIPT:

ChallengeNew cloud accounts are easy for users to activate so, the first step for any enterprise is to inventory the all cloud applications in use, approved and unapproved, and the level of user activity. This process requires the analysis of sensitive log data from multiple devices and device types enterprises are correctly concerned about handing over logs to a cloud provider for analysis and want to maintain the security of these logs at all times. In addition, enterprises require a mechanism to quickly block access to the highest risk clouds when they are identified.

SolutionCipherCloud deploys on-site so sensitive log data never leaves the enterprise. Log data from multiple log sources and formats are aggregated to ensure a complete picture of all the cloud applications in use from inside and outside the organization. And the log scans can be scheduled to continuously analyze and track new clouds and activity patterns.

7Step 2: Cloud Application ConsolidationChallengeMeasure and compare cloud application risk Across all cloud applications and application categoriesContent sharing, collaboration, CRM, IT Infrastructure etc.Establish cloud security risk metrics suitable for your industry and governance policyConsolidate users onto low risk clouds

Dashboards enables aggregate analysisAccurate risk scores for thousands of applications Transparent, standards aligned methodology Supports cloud app selection, consolidationAdjust risk weightings for specific risk factors across:SecurityPrivacyEnvironmentCompliance

CipherCloud Approach

2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. # 2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. #LANE SCRIPT:

ChallengeA logical next step after generating a cloud application inventory is to understand and compare risk scores and the factors that contribute to a high risk score to support cloud application consolidation. For example, IT organizations need to help their business counterparts understand which cloud storage applications are risky and which low risk cloud storage applications can be approved for use. They also need to adjust risk weightings and risk thresholds that define high, medium and low risk to match their own risk tolerance and the requirements for their industry.

SolutionThe CipherCloud approach makes it easy for IT and business staff to compare cloud application risk. Our discovery capabilities incorporate CloudSource, a knowledgebase with thousands of cloud applications measuring security, privacy, environment and compliance and other risk factors. The knowledgebase supports standards including Cloud Security Alliance CCM, TRUSTe and PCI. Enterprises can align the risk profiling to their needs by adjusting risk factor weightings and change risk thresholds to match their own definition of high, medium and low risk.

Our platform provides granular drill-down dashboards for analytics and reporting that enables enterprises to see which clouds, users, groups and time periods they need to focus on to reduce risk and demonstrate compliance. In addition, our dedicated staff of cloud security and privacy experts use proven research methods to ensure that new cloud risk information is constantly enhancing the knowledge base.

8Step 3: Compliance Scanning and MonitoringChallengeLimited visibility into data flows, sharingPolicy violationsNo consistent monitoring of user activityCorporate Data Loss Prevention controls dont address cloud dataPreserve user experienceOne platform across apps for cloud DLP, UAM and anomaly detection

2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. # 2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. #LANE SCRIPT:

ChallengeOnce cloud applications are discovered organizations need to protect the sensitive data in their approved cloud applications. These requirements include compliance scanning, DLP and monitoring user activity for anomalous behavior.

SolutionThe CipherCloud platform supports a complete lifecycle for discovery, protection and monitoring of cloud applications and data. Our platform provides cloud application visibility, risk intelligence, user activity monitoring, compliance scanning and DLP for structured and unstructured data across multiple clouds. In addition, CipherCloud is the leader in cloud encryption and tokenization.9CipherCloud Approach

Proactive data discovery for multiple cloudsScanning for cloud data compliance violationsNotify, Delete, Quarantine or Encrypt Granular visibility into all user activityTracking of all object types, users, IPs, files Integration with corporate Data Loss PreventionFlexible anomaly detectionAlerts on unusual behaviorThresholds for downloads, logins, work hours and moreIntuitive dashboards with easy drill-downWorks seamlessly in background

2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. # 2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. #Solution Overview 2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. #11

Cloud Storage and Collaboration HighlightsData loss prevention (DLP) tailored for file sharing platformsConfigurable DLP policy controlsFlexible range of enforcement actionsIntegrates with enterprise DLP systemsCloud Malware protectionScan triggered on uploads, deletes infected filesSeamless integrationNo impact on usability or featuresScanning happens seamlessly in the backgroundWorks with all desktop & mobile clientsReal-time and on-demand scanningAllows for easy on-boarding, or periodic scanning of specific foldersCloud Data ProtectionPolicy based encryption with customer managed keysDetailed, granular reportingConfigurable dashboardsEasy drill-down on users, content, and policy violations

2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. # CRM HighlightsProactive discovery of sensitive dataOn-demand queries for any organization Understands all types of objects and data in CRMExtends corporate policies to the cloudBuilt-in scanning engine with advanced policies for HIPAA/HITECH, GLBA, PCI, ABA, SWIFT, NDC codes Integrates with enterprise DLP systems including Symantec and RSAAdvanced controls with intuitive dashboardsEasy configuration of policiesComprehensive dashboard views of all scansDirect drill-down to violation sources in CRMExportable data in multiple formats

2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. #13CipherCloud Platform ArchitectureCloud Discovery, Compliance Scanning and User Activity MonitoringHTTPSEnterprise BoundaryDetailed Usage Analytics -Dashboards and ReportsDiscover and Monitor Unified Management and VisibilityManagementReportingDashboardsCloud Discovery(FW, Web Proxy)

User Activity Monitoring

BrowserCipherCloud Discovery, UAM and DLP PlatformScalable, Big Data Infrastructure Web ProxyMobile Users andDevices

InternalUsersCloud AppsCloudSourceKnowledge Base get cloud content (API-based)Compliance Scanning/DLP

Unified Policyand AdministrationRisk Profiling &Scoringviolation remediation

AnomalyDetectionPolicy EnforcementMeasure, Detect and EnforceCipherCloud Risk Intelligence Lab

Opt. ExternalDLP (via ICAP) 2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. # 2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. #Heres a functional view of the elements of the CipherCloud platform we covered today. Discovery, DLP , and Monitoring capabilities are all delivered on a high-performance, highly scalable platform. CipherCloud provides and open framework that integrates seamlessly with network infrastructure including SSO, and corporate DLP systems.14How CipherCloud is DifferentThe only vendor to put it all togetherCloud Application and Data Discovery, Protection, DLP, Monitoring and Anomaly DetectionTechnology leader in cloud encryption and tokenizationMultiple patents including Searchable Strong EncryptionSeamless integration for major cloud applicationsTransparent to users, preservers functionalityMarket leader in an important new space100+ customers in banking, financial services, healthcare, pharma, hi-techFar more customers than all other vendors combined 2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. #15

. agencies are want to do, is remaining tight lipped about its efforts, but considering the far flung and CIA and its control operativesComprehensive Cloud Information ProtectionKey Management DLP Malware Detection Encryption TokenizationPROTECT

User Activity MONITOR Anomalies

Cloud Apps DISCOVER Cloud Risk

2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. #CipherCloud provides a complete platform for cloud visibility and data protection, built around three key terms Discover, Protect, and Monitor. Within these areas we provide cloud application discovery, cloud data loss prevention, strong searchable encryption, tokenization, activity monitoring and anomaly detection.16500+ EmployeesCompany3.0+ MillionActive Users 13 Industries 25 Countries7 Languages

P13 PatentsAbout CipherCloudSolutionsCloud DiscoveryCloud DLP

Strong EncryptionTokenizationActivity MonitoringAnomaly Detection

Customers5 out of 10Top US Banks

3 out of 5Top Health Providers

Top 2 GlobalTelecomm Company

40% of GlobalMail DeliveryLargest USMedia Company

3 out of 5Top Pharmaceuticals

2015 CipherCloud | All rights reserved. #Here is a high-level overview of CipherCloud. We are rapidly growing company going from 100 to almost 500 employees in less than 2 years. Our customer success has been significant with well over 100 enterprises using our solutions in more than 13 industries, in 25 countries.

Key to our success has been tight integration with a growing list of major cloud applications including Salesforce,, Chatter, Box, ServiceNow, Office 365, and more.

The rapid growth is based on enabling the cloud for many of the worlds top enterprises, including 5 out of 10 top US banks, 3 out of 5 top healthcare providers, top telco, pharmaceuticals, media and government customers.17More InformationWatch this On-demand Webinar :

For additional information :Website: www.ciphercloud.comTwitter: @ciphercloudEmail: info@ciphercloud.comLinkedIn: Phone: +1 855-5CIPHER

David BermanCloud Discovery and DLP

dberman@ciphercloud.comTwitter: @berman_david

Cloud Adoption and Risk Report

2014 North American and European Trends

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