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<ul><li> 1. CO L L A B O R AT I O NO P E N S O U RC E P ROJ EC T S W I T H YO U RC LO U D STAC K E N V I RO N M E N T, A N D M YL ES S O N S L EA R N E D A LO N G T H E WAY </li> <li> 2. WHO AM I? Brian Bullard Director of IT/Systems Architect 5th Planet Games Systems Engineer/Software development background </li> <li> 3. 5 T H P L A N E T G A M ES Founded in 2010. 5th Planet Games brings together talent in an effort to produce fun and addictive, immersive, engaging social games (MMO,RPG,CCGs) for mobile and web </li> <li> 4. D ES C E N T I N TO AW S I A A S Employees 1 system admin/engineer 1 Game designer/CEO 1 Game developer/CEO Office =May 2010 Dawn of the dragons 2 ec2 servers 1 RDS AWS MYSQL server </li> <li> 5. 2 Y EA RS L AT E R A N D M A N Y L ES S O N SL EA R N E DPresent day Games Resources Dawn of the dragons 25 EC2 servers Clash of the dragons 1 CDN endpoint Legacy of a thousand suns 10 Database servers 3 Physical servers Legacy of heroes Office: 45 EmployeesPlatforms Armor Games Kongregate Facebook Kabam newgrounds </li> <li> 6. C LO U D STAC K TO T H E R ES C U E User controlled firewall with security groups. Private/public resource segregation Cost savings for our test/dev environments Local/shared storage on demand using opens source solutions with CS API. Backups using snapshotting Ability to consolidate zone resources. Scalable architecture HA Broad hypervisor support if needed Variety of configurations to scale Automating our private and public IAAS </li> <li> 7. C LO U D STAC K S E T U P Zone-West Zone-East 1 Management server 1 Management server 2 host servers (32 GB 3 host servers KVM RAM 8 Core) KVM 1 shared secondary 1 shared secondary and primary storage and primary storage (5 TB RAID10) (In progress) Amazon RDS RDS MSQL database Amazon </li> <li> 8. M O N I TO R I N G A N D AU TO M AT I O N Use event triggering, Chef/Puppet with monitoring environment. (Nagios-event-handlers, Zenoss Triggers) along with Zenoss Cloudstack zenpack to monitor VMsA M A ZO N A N D C LO U D STAC K Amazon EC2 Compatibility for unified API calls Cloudbridge is now built into the management server in 4.0 S3 Compatibility (Swift,Glusterfs) using s3 clients Migrate to and from EC2 with minimal effort </li> <li> 9. M A N AG I N G YO U R C LO U D SY O U C A N N O W M A N A G E M U LT I P L E C L O U D S P R I V AT E A N DPUBLIC S C A L R F E AT U R E S Setup autoscaling for yours infrastructure based on CPU,RAM, IO or your own custom metric Chef support Scalr fully integrates with chef Handles master-slave replicaion backups and failover for MYSQL, MongoDB, PostgresSQL and Redis Manage your Cloudstack IAAS, plus any public cloud instances from one place Configure autoscale rules for your server farms that fits your need Broad server import support Openstack and Hp Cloud support soon </li> <li> 10. M A N AG I N G YO U R C LO U D S </li> <li> 11. M A N AG I N G YO U R C LO U D S </li> <li> 12. OW N C LO U D STO R AG EO W N C L O U D L E T S Y O U E A S I LY V I E W &amp; S Y N C Y O U R D ATA ,C O N TA C T S , C A L E N D A R S A N D B O O K M A R K S A C R O S S A L LDEVICES. O W N C L O U D F E AT U R E S External Storage (Local filesystem, FTP, Webdav, Swift, S3, Dropbox, Google and SMB) File sharing and data syncing LDAP/AD support File versioning File password encyption Drag and drop functionality Calendar and tasks sharing </li> <li> 13. OW N C LO U D STO R AG EU P C O M I N G F E AT U R E S Webmail client Overhauled encryption system (server side and client side) RSS reader app Desktop file management </li> <li> 14. H OW W E A R E U S I N G OW N C LO U D Scale out and append storage on demand as needed calendar and tasks sharing in one unified location Share multiple mount points to users/groups /projects Synced/versioning files make it easy to work in any environment and on the go Multiple Apps support using (IOS and Android) Looking into using S3 storage solutions and Owncloud </li> <li> 15. U LT EOOPENSOURCE ENTERPRISE VIRTUAL DESKTOP ANDA P P L I C AT I O N D E L I V E R YU LT E O F E AT U R E S Split linux and/or windows application delivery Share local printers, drives, network shares, USB sticks, sound support, copy-paste. Seamless access to documents from both Linux &amp; Windows applications! Easy to deploy and scale with Cloudstack User and group level control over applications and shares </li> <li> 16. OPEN SOURCE VDISOLUTION </li> <li> 17. OPEN SOURCE VDISOLUTION </li> <li> 18. LO O K I N G A H EA D Look into PAAS solutions such as Stackato and Cloud Foundry for auto scaling application servers Build easier and better automation around monitoring Empower the developers to use the powerful API at their fingertips Unify our APIs as well as we can on one layer to avoid vendor lock in </li> <li> 19. L ES S O N S L EA R N E D Read the administrator guide Watch the management/agent/hypervisor logs to troubleshoot issues . Learn the role that the systemVM, SSVM and Virtual router play and how they communicate. Hang out in the #cloudstack irc channel and join the Cloudstack incubator list. Understand the virtual router and its role with cloudstack Check out cloud podcasts, and follow companies on twitter to keep up on current events. Decide what works best for your environment and plan for the future growth. Devcloud is an awesome resource for testing and devlopment Attend BACD and related webinars. And check out the cloudstack youtube channel Build several configurations and test which one best fits your situation Check out the cloudstack IRC channel is one of thebest resources available </li> <li> 20. CO N TAC T I N FO +Brian Bullardbbullard@5thplanetgames.comTwitter: @bullardo 14 followers and growingBullardo MIRC #cloudstack. </li> </ul>