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  • 1. DEPARTMENT OF MEDIA & FILM STUDIESAS Media StudiesFoundation Portfolio Production Brief (G321) Main Task Music MagazineContents Page Statement of Intent Guide

2. WHAT layout will you be using for your contents page (Thisrelates to the use of COLUMNS and GRIDS in planning yourContents Page layout) and WHY? For my contents page I will I used a columns to separate the area for text, images and mymain image. The reason I used columns was to ensure my text was evenly space and lookedorganised. Another reason I used columns was so my image fitted with out the main aspectsof the photo being cut out, this was after I adjusted the positioning of the y axis. I also usedruler guides so I had a clear boundary between my images and main image and text.This is the type of column I used toorganise my contents page This is where I placed my ruler guide onmy contents page. 3. WHAT codes and conventions will you be using from yourCONTENTS PAGE RESEARCH and WHY? For my contents page I followed the convention of having a balance of images and text wherethe images had their page numbers besides them Learnt this from the previous research Idid for my pop genre magazine which then changed to alternative music. I did this because Idid not want to have on main image I want a range of photos. As well as this is wanted tohave a equally balance of text and images the reason was because I want to have a contentspage with lots to look at to encourage the reader to read on. 4. WHAT type of images, graphics (i.e. Boxes, borders and rules) will you be using to make your Contents Page easy to navigate by your target audience and WHY? By constructing my ruler guides and my two columns I used these as guides as to were toplace my images at the bottom of the page the I scaled the pictures down so they equallyfitted in the designated area. By doing this I did not need to add borders around each photo.Because of the clear layout of images and my text area I did not need to add and boxes roundmy text. The reason I chose not to use and boxes round my text because I centred my textwhich left a couple centimetres to the left and right of the text which gave a cleanappearance. Centred text not box or boarder. I have used no boarders round my images. 5. WHAT four image shot types (this relates to the different types of shot used in film, television, magazines or newspapers. These shots can have their own connotations. A close-up is more intimate and personal. A low-will you be using for your Contents Page andangled shot makes objects look bigger and more powerful.)WHY will they appeal to your potential target audience? For my main image on my front cover I took a medium close up the reason I chose to take this shot was I wanted to see the models facial expressions as well as the torso this was because I wanted my magazine to steer away from looking like a glossy lifestyle magazine which usually use close ups shots for their front cover . I feel the medium close up which shows the facial expressions as well as the costume work by the models would suit my target audience of 15-20 year old alternative music listeners because they culture and music type steers away from commercial depictions. Another appealing element of my main image which is a mid shot my audience will find appealing is the fact you can see the costume the models are wearing by seeing this my audience will be able to relate to models and identify this is an alternative music magazine.Mid shot for my main frontcover image. 6. WHAT stories will you be including in your Contents Page and HOW will they be related to the images?My main stories will be interviews with artist who have release new single and albums this is an aspect my magazine aims to cover regularly. The interviewees are the all the pictures I have placed on my contents page. By doing this I anticipate the reader will look at pictures of their favourite alternative music artist and then turn to the page number which is attached to the image. As well as these I have also included stories/content such as Free posters and download the reason I included this was to entice the reader and build up a regular reader group. Also I included articles like New Alternative Music Preview where I would every week give readers a review of new singles and albums which they should look forward to, this links to the title of my media product.The images correspondedwith the stories on mycontents page. 7. WHAT do you want these images to tell your audience and WHY? I would like the images on my contents page to tell the audience what to look forward to inthe issue regarding the favourite alternative music artist, the reason I would like to do this isbecause the reader will make a judgement on where they thing the magazine would be ainteresting read by analysing the contents page and what the contents page advertises. Iwould also want my contents page to tell my reader what genre my magazine is I would liketo make this on every page on my media product. The images i hope would also tell myaudience that we cover original and different stories in comparison to more commercialmusic magazines. 8. WHAT colour scheme (shades, tints and colours) will you be using and WHY? I have stuck to the same colour scheme as my front page the reason Is because I want all mypages front, contents and double page spread to all link up in some way. The colours I usedwas black for the masthead as well as making it transparent, red, blue and white for the textand other elements. Lastly I also used a range of colours for my page numbers the reason Idid this so it would be easy for my reader to pick out the stories they found most interesting.I chose this colour scheme because I felt it was mainly neutral and would not clash with thecolourful images.Colourscheme. 9. WHAT essential information will be included in your Contents Pagee.g. Features, reviews, commentary and WHY?For my content page I included may interview I did this because I want my magazine to focus on new music and not celebrity drama. By doing this my reader will be well informed about new changes in music, music charts etc. I have also included preview and reviews of singles and albums the reason I did this because the aim of my magazine is to offer new music as well and give previews to up and coming music. As well as this I will include freebies this I have done so reader have something extra to look forward to.This I my featurecolumn.Theses are my interview which is included in myfeature column. Supporting Images. 10. HOW will you be arranging the information on your contents page and WHY?The information is orders by chronological numerical order which is easer to read rather than unordered page numbers. The reason I chose to do this is because it will be easier to find the stories a reader would want to read one after the other is there was order in it .The order of my contents page. 11. HOW will you make your Contents Page easy for your audience to findthe major cover story or other stories? My main cover story is easy for my audience to seethe main article in the text area hasEXCLUSIVE in red next to the story line and page number, by having this here I hope todraw attention to my main story. Other important stories have an image in lower quarter ofmy page this is to make sure my audience read these. My magazine aims to give exclusivereview to new albums and songs as well as interview with popular artist this is why I have thesupporting image with these stories 12. WHAT type of fonts and font sizes (style of lettering used) will you beusing for your Contents Page and WHY? For my contents page I have used 3 fonts from in various sizes. My mast headfor my contents page is very large and in bold colours (black and red) this will hopefully grabthe readers attention and keep the absorbed in the magazine. For my main text I have used asmall and compact font this is to enable me to fit all my text in the small area. Large bold coloured mast head.Small an compact text font.